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The 3 The Malaysian Insider editors were released over 24 hours since their detention, but the 2 media execs arrested on Tuesday morning will be detained overnight. -The Star/ANN
In Malaysia, it is still in the 'first phase', where IS is believed to be recruiting members. -The Star/ANN
The High Court accepted his accomplice's evidence as credible and sentenced him to death. -The Star/ANN
The seven-year-old's mother said she was very happy over the award, saying that her daughter had been traumatised by the rape. -The Star/ANN
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Sarawak's political support allowed him to carry out his duties as Prime Minister with confidence. -The Star/ANN
An interview with Petaling Jaya's mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain on his optimism and strategies for Petaling Jaya City Council. -The Star/ANN
Newspapers should not be the mouthpiece of political parties just because they have the same political views. -The Star/ANN
Some movies connect with us only in the mind while others connect with us only in the heart. -The Star/ANN
He is unclear about what medicinal items should be taxed as their Chinese names are difficult to translate into Malay. -The Star/ANN