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Celebrate this joyous holy day with a selection of local and Western dishes. -The Star/ANN
If all you feel capable of is pouring boxes of ready-made items together into a large bowl, there's always this refreshing punch. -The Star/ANN
A dessert that is perfect for our climate. -The Star/ANN
If you want sneak fruit into diet without giving up sweets, this eggless Chocolate Avocado Cake is the one for you.
Impress your family with a Chocolate Coffee Dacquoise - nutty meringue layers sandwiched with chocolate ganache and cream. -The Star/ANN
For those who prefer cake, we offer a recipe for one made with "rabbit food" - carrots. -The Star/ANN
For an appetiser, you could always serve Devilled Eggs. -The Star/ANN
If you don't mind doing a little more work on a dish, you could try making a blue-tinged Nasi Kerabu. -The Star/ANN
This salad, inspired by a Jamie Oliver 15-minute recipe, is light but makes a great lunch. -The Star/ANN
A quiche is a good option for vegetarians. -The Star/ANN