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A woman died after she set herself on fire in a toilet cubicle. -The Star/ANN
Najib praised the way the Dutch government had organised a dignified ceremony to receive the victims' remains. -The Star/ANN
All charges will be implemented electronically at both sides using the Touch 'n' Go cards, with cash payments no longer possible. -The Star/ANN
AThai tour guide is now required to accompany a foreign bus or van once it crosses into Thailand. -The Star/ANN
To add to the rather bizarre behaviour, the woman tore off her head scarf and calmly walked out of the phone shop after the robbery. -The Star/ANN
Najib called on all the parties to respect the lives that had been lost in the tragedy and to secure the integrity of the site. -The Star/ANN
He is meeting Mr Rutte at his office in The Hague, after which they will issue a joint press conference. -The Star/ANN
The Perodua rolled over a few times from the impact before crashing into a drain. -The Star/ANN
Najib Tun Razak meet his counterpart Mark Rutte to discuss efforts to secure full and safe access to the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine. -The Star/ANN
The rakyat is asking him to acknowledge his narrow thinking and to apologise. -The Star/ANN