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It would use the proceeds, without limitation, to meet its syariah-compliant working capital requirements. -The star/ANN
Mohd Saiful had been subjected to sexual harassment by an influential, charismatic and dominant person. -The star/ANN
Potential changes to gaming policies which would weigh on their medium-term growth and profitability outlook. -The star/ANN
Palawan may not be known as a tourist hotspot, but the most sparsely populated province in the Philippines is also the most beguiling. -The star/ANN
Anyone who dies unmarried must be buried together with a corpse of the opposite sex. -The star/ANN
Mohd Ridhuan was clearing bushes when he was impaled by the 30cm-long parang, which was being used by another worker. -The star/ANN
Without early official reports about the incident in Penampang Baru, jittery residents turned to conspiracy theories. -The star/ANN
Suspension order against pyrolysis operators who used primitive methods to "cook" used tyres to extract industrial oil, carbon black and steel. -The star/ANN
The move was one of the several initiatives being discussed to improve the current parole programme. -The star/ANN
DBKL has not failed to maintain all the Public Housing Units, People's Housing Projects and longhouses under its care. -The star/ANN