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Cases of Ugandan girls being exploited and duped into the sex trade were rampant in 2011 and 2012. -The Star/ANN
They are required to give explanation on hygiene and bathe Ebola-positive corpses while collecting and analysing epidemiology data. -The Star/ANN
The settlement consists of wooden houses, mostly built on stilts over the sea and occupied by people of Myanmar origin. -The Star/ANN
In a rage, he took out a knife and stabbed the 33-year-old officer on his face and neck, causing him to bleed to death. -The Star/ANN
There is a high global demand for S6 and S6 Edge with pre-orders hitting the 20 million mark. -The Star/ANN
Vanessa beat 16 other hopefuls to the crown, and is expected to do the country proud when she takes on the rest of the world early next year. -The Star/ANN
Among the suspects, aged between 18 and 52, were 26 women, he said. -The Star/ANN
He had been gambling for more than 15 years and she had "had enough" of the trouble he brought to the family. -The Star/ANN
The state was fast running out of options to get the three remaining rhinos to produce offspring. -The Star/ANN
The two are reported to be in stable condition and the ministry is investigating the actual source of the infection. -The Star/ANN