Passengers on the American Flight 280 departing from Seoul, South Korea, experienced an extreme case of turbulence that left 14 injured. -Stomp
Have you ever wondered what your picture would look like if you sent it to 21 Photoshop experts from around the globe? -Stomp
This trip is not only for Yassan to discover the "Japan that [he knows] only in books", but it would decide his future. -Stomp
If you grew up during the 1990s, you would definitely remember these trends that were considered popular back then. -Stomp
When questioned by authorities about why he opened the emergency door, he responded: "To get off the plane quicker." -Stomp
This is a transformation of the looks that women go for over the years since the 1910s. -Stomp
It is not every day you get to hear the deafening revving of more than 40 luxury car engines, especially in a neighbourhood in the heartlands. -Stomp
A man became so incensed during a heated argument with a kebab seller at a night market that he violently pushed the seller to the ground. -Stomp
According to Shin Min Daily News, two men were involved in a fight around the Bukit Batok West area yesterday morning (Dec 14) at around 5am. -Stomp
A man became the subject of a joke when he texted the wrong number asking for sexy pictures, after he was made to comply with weird requests from the stranger he had texted. -Stomp