Apparently, a young woman's baby stroller knocked into an older woman. -Stomp
The 'world-class' attraction was new and clean, but one vital thing that visitors required was missing. -Stomp
Cat and animal lovers have been outraged over the fate of a feline after pictures of a white cat that had been severed in half were circulated on the Internet. -ST, Stomp
The McDonald's branch in South Melbourne takes fast food to the next level. -Stomp
The Sun poked fun of President Tony Tan's height difference with Prince William. -Stomp
The fire broke out at a few old houses in Geylang Lorong 8. -Stomp
The drink is so thin and clear you probably wouldn't have noticed this object. -Stomp
A hacker on messaging app LINE tried to scam a Singaporean guy, but he was not fooled and turned the tables on the hacker with hilarious replies. -Stomp
After photos of the incident were posted, many users took to social media to express their sorrow and anger at the horrific act. -Stomp
2 lorry drivers were also involved in the collision, which caused a traffic jam near the junction of Woodlands Avenues 4 and 9. -Stomp