Those of you who have tried your hand preparing food with the help of a recipe would know the pain of seeing the end product looking nothing like what's on the book. -Stomp
Ramen burgers. Bulgogi tacos. Cronuts. If that's not enough - there is the french fry soba now. -Stomp
A female driver, who was apparently unaware of the state funeral procession for Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Mar 29, was filmed complaining to the traffic police when she was stuck because of roadblocks. -Stomp
A fight broke out when a diner approached the man in blue and requested for him not to put his dog on the table. -Stomp
A Facebook user posted a photo of a sign that appears to offer free taxi rides to 'fellow Singaporeans' who're going to Parliament House. -Stomp
Non-verbal cues often say a lot more about people than verbal communication. -Stomp
These little-known facts about hotels and how they operate might change your life forever. -Stomp
If you think there's a litter problem at the local beach, just wait until you see the litter problem on the beaches in China. -Stomp
Two men were seen getting into a heated argument on the train, with one demanding that the other get off. -Stomp
The video begins with the masked youths picking the lock of what seems to be the first floor of an apartment building. -Stomp