The accident occurred along Tampines Avenue 10 at around 8.30am yesterday. -Stomp
Passengers had to alight the buses as the vehicles were too big to pass through the two-lane road. -Stomp
Commuters can be seen engaging in activities such as being physical with their partners to even smoking inside the train cabins. -Stomp
According to senior specialist family doctor Dr Cho, bedbugs do not cause illnesses but those with sensitive skin will feel the itch. -Stomp
The car overturned at the bottom of the steps in the carpark. -Stomp
A jealous boyfriend took out a gun and shot his friend who was dancing too close to his girlfriend at a busy night club in Peru. -Stomp
He was caught on camera pounding vigorously multiple times on the window until it gave way. -Stomp
The R1 street-train features hard angles, sheer surfaces, dark-tinted glass and ominous red lights. -Stomp
A young man surprised commuters on this MRT ride when he began practicing his dance moves. -Stomp
She had reportedly only obtained her driver's licence last December and seldom drove after that. -Stomp