The thief explains how to disarm a car immobiliser using an On Board Diagnostics port, which gives instructions on how to get past the car's security measures. -Stomp
When he grabs her behind, she responds by smacking him hard with the menu, twice. -Stomp
In the video, she was seen kicking, screaming and resisting security personnel as they try to pull her away from the plane door. -Stomp
The photo showed a man who was impaled by a long rod, which was pierced through his genitals and can be seen extending all the way to his left armpit. -Stomp
He survived the accident, but required several days of life-saving efforts. -Stomp
26 women arrested were between the ages of 22 and 41, and allegedly involved in prostitution-related activities online. -Stomp
The driver said he barely had enough time to stop his car, urges cyclists to avoid risky behaviour. -Stomp
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say he will not be facing charges, and referred to his activity as a "medical issue". -Stomp
The 16-year-old girl, who was allegedly part of a gang that killed a 68-year-old taxi driver, was viciously beaten before she was forcefully shoved to the ground and set on fire. -Stomp
The woman had allegedly 'taken' a Starbucks cookie straw without paying for it. -Stomp