The driver of the Singapore-registered car allegedly tried and failed to cut into the lane the other car was in. -Stomp
Two elderly men were seen exchanging blows during a heated argument that turned into a brawl on board a public bus. -Stomp
Dancing on the train seems to have become a more common sight in Singapore recently, with two such incidents in the past week. -Stomp
The cyclist flew into a rage after thinking that the driver sounded his horn at him. -Stomp
Cars had to slow down for the cyclist who was switching lanes abruptly on Grange Road. -Stomp
Thick fumes were spotted when a fire broke out in the Mountbatten area at about 2pm on Oct 19. -Stomp
Four youths in Malaysia were arrested after allegedly attacking a customer in a 24-hour convenience store over a two-year-old dispute. -AsiaOne
A resident of a housing block at Strathmore Avenue has upset her neighbours by throwing items out of her flat window, endangering the lives of her fellow residents. -Stomp
The argument got so heated that another driver behind had to exit his vehicle to intervene. -Stomp
The car hit a van, causing it to topple, before going on to crash into a lorry. -Stomp