Singaporean Genevieve has come up with yet another new twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - by taking on the challenge in mid-air while skydiving. -Stomp
The myth that women can't regain their figures after having children has been busted by a Shanghainese mother of four. -Stomp
An eyewitness said the lorry had swerved and hit the Estima, which then collided with a bus beside it and two other cars in front. -Stomp
The driver says he does not understand why the man reacted in such a manner over an unintentional mistake. -Stomp
You probably need bionic eyes to read the numbers on the plate from afar. -Stomp
Two women were seen fighting in public along Orchard Road, with a large crowd of people gathering to watch the ensuing tussle. -Stomp
While some netizens commented that the biker was going too fast, others said the taxi driver should have checked his blind spot before changing lanes. -Stomp
The accident happened along Central Boulevard towards the MCE. -Stomp
She would approach people and ask them for money, telling them stories of her misfortune, from getting scammed by banks to getting cheated. -Stomp