Yishun residents rallied together to catch a snake spotted at Block 112. -Stomp
A man in Suzhou, China, was brutally beaten up by a commuter after he criticized the passenger in a suit for snacking and littering on a public bus. -Stomp
The driver was safe and even went through the window of his car to grab his phone, an eyewitness said. -Stomp
Japanese Anime-loving mom Akiran takes Anime to a whole new level by drawing it on bentos for her two sons. -Stomp
Elly Heise wanted to make a photo series that communicates a fresh perspective on beauty by photographing mothers after their young daughters had done their makeup. -Stomp
Stepping into Walmart in China might actually give you a culture shock. -Stomp
A restaurant in Yokohama serves unusual creatures. -Stomp
In a video uploaded on Youtube, you can easily make this filling snack in under five minutes.
Stomp contributor Tiffany was amused to see "Chilli Crap" instead of "Chilli Crab" at a sign on a stall. -Stomp
These old school goodies will definitely take you back to your childhood when you bite into them. -Stomp