A woman was caught on video smacking her daughter and prodding her head repeatedly, while shouting at her in Korean in public at a bus stop. -Stomp
3 armed men surprised the man in his 60s in front of the bank, covered his face with cloth and tied the victim’s hands with tape, before forcing him into a car. -Stomp
The owner parked for 2 hours and returned to find the side mirror gone. -Stomp
What initially looks like a case of road rage takes on a funny twist. -Stomp
A consumer was horrified to find a mysterious white object in her drink that she bought from a Plaza Singapura stall on Nov 18. -Stomp
The woman was last seen leaving Nana Plaza with a well-built Caucasian man. -AsiaOne forums
Jumbo prawns displayed at a stall at VivoCity's Food Republic caught Stomp contributor L's eye, but the $15 dish she was served eventually was disappointing. -Stomp
Stomp contributor had to pay $6.40 for a packet of vegetarian chicken rice. -Stomp
He refused to let go of the car door, and continued to harass the driver and an elderly passenger, asking them to 'come down'. -Stomp
A driver was seen arguing with a traffic warden who occasionally brings his camera up to take pictures of vehicles travelling in the bus lane to avoid an accident site. -Stomp