After snatching a woman's handbag, a robber forgets he had arrived on a motorcycle and runs away, allowing the woman to ride away with the motorbike instead. -Stomp
The video on Facebook shows a woman dragging her crying child until he tumbles to the ground outside a pre-school. -Stomp
A 24-year-old woman in Hubei province, China, was locked up in a deserted house by her parents for 5 years, because she suffered a 'mental breakdown'. -Stomp
Did you know - there are sometimes dead people on your plane? The same goes for exotic animals, organs and even blood. -Stomp
Members of Instagram page "Rich Kids of Singapore" recently engaged in a war of words with other users, who slammed the members of the page of flaunting their wealth. -Stomp
The clip starts of by showing a driver in a black car trying to speed up while on the third lane on the expressway. -Stomp
Liang Shuming made waves online during Chinese New Year after a video of her completing a series of motions on a pull up bar. -Stomp
Pictures posted by passengers online show Chinese SWAT teams going onto the aircraft after it had landed. -Stomp
A woman really had only one way to respond when her estranged parents tried to bully their way into getting an invitation to her wedding. -Stomp
The creature was predominantly grey in colour, but it also had red patches around its mouth and other parts of its body. -Stomp