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So this is it. The final chapter of the last Tolkien book left to Jackson and crew to dramatise. -ST
The Singapore International Film Festival, back after a three-year hiatus, closed on Sunday to positive reviews. -ST
Festival's second edition aims to woo new audience demographic with pop singer. -ST
Cheng 'willing to help newcomers' but the screen legend says the script has to be sincere. -ST
Director Peter Jackson's newest Hobbit movie is his darkest one, featuring epic battles, triumphs and tragedies. -ST
The New Zealander marshals five enormous armies who clash amid an ear-splitting steel crescendo. -ST
Small faith organisations have been coming together in hubs for years. -ST
Donations still possible online; more help needed to deliver gifts. -ST
Economists lower forecasts amid slowdown in China and oil turmoil. -ST
The FTA, which seeks to break new ground in removing trade barriers, has already missed several deadlines starting from last year. -ST