The Straits Times

Mr John Morrice was one of the pioneers of the Singapore Armed Forces, joining in 1957 as a regular and retiring 26 years later in 1983 as a colonel. -ST
It is important to demonstrate a desire for lifelong learning, says Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. -ST
With unfettered elections, the poor can attain disproportionate power and exert pressure on elected leaders to produce sub-optimal, populist policies. -ST
He painted a scenario of a split in the ruling party within the next 50 years.
Split-party scenario may not be all doom and gloom. -ST
The vast majority of health-care professionals strive to do their best for their patients and to do them no harm. -ST
For years, TCM has been a trusted source of treatment among the elderly. -ST
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong noted that the spirit of giving back was alive and well at the CDAC. -ST
Figure triples over 6 years to 15,500, but group still forms a minority. -ST
Consumers can tap apps and other forms of mobile payment options. -ST