The Straits Times

The match was terrific in its tension, the crowd was as grand in numbers as it was gracious. -ST
The national team face a huge task when they compete in the week-long World Cricket League Division 3. -ST
Couples opt for less costly daytime nuptials to spend on other items. -ST
The owners however assure customers that they will train the new staff and ensure quality control. -ST
Here are five eateries which have sold or tried to sell their recipes and businesses at hefty prices. -ST
Mr Jeremy Mun, 39, Aztech's senior vice-president of marketing, said his father, Mr Michael Mun, 64, the company's group chief executive, has been a long-time customer. -ST
The National Development Minister says more should be done to make cycling more than just a recreational pursuit. -ST
In addition, Ascott has signed an agreement to acquire a 20 per cent stake in Quest for $32.3 million. -AsiaOne
Building of the high-speed link could begin in Q3 next year: KL transport official. -ST
Dr Tan's trip marks the first state visit to the United Kingdom by a Singaporean president. -ST