Durian tree turns fighting point among Moulmein residents

SINGAPORE - A durian tree beside Block 69, Moulmein Road has become a fighting point between one resident and his neighbours in the vicinity.

The tree, which is located on public property, started bearing fruit about seven years ago, a Straits Times (ST) report said. 

However, residents who have tried taking the fruit have found themselves confronted by Mr R. Lim, who is claiming that the tree is his as it was planted by his father 20 years ago.

The issue has gotten so heated that one resident, Madam Lily Wee, called in the police after Mr Lim allegedly hurled expletives at her after she tried to take a durian.

Madam Wee told ST that she's not the only resident Mr Lim has fought with regarding the durians. Just last week, he snatched a fruit from another resident, she said.

Another resident, who gave his name as Mr Chua, said even looking at the tree might get one scolded by Mr Lim.

He was doing just that when Mr Lim, who was standing guard nearby, saw him and started shouting at him to stay away from 'his tree'.

Residents said they choose to eat the fruit from that particular tree rather than buy them from fruit shops as the durians from the tree are 'exceptionally good', 'organic' and provide the thrill of picking up free durians.

The quarrels that have erupted over the tree has led to some residents asking the town council to chop it down.

The Moulmein-Kallang Town Council has decided against removing the tree, and has instead put up two notices stating that the tree belongs to the Government.


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