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    You are not allowed to go out except to travel to designated centres for your polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

    Should you receive a health risk warning or health risk alert at the same time as the electronic quarantine order, the quarantine takes precedence.

    Meanwhile, those identified as close contacts by TraceTogether data may receive a health risk warning or health risk alert, depending on the degree of risk exposure.

    - Take a PCR test upon receiving the notice and self-isolate until you get a negative PCR test result.

    SINGAPORE - From Monday (Sept 27), people will only be allowed to gather in groups of two, as Singapore tightens restrictions to slow the exponential rise in Covid-19 cases.

    Mr Wong added that Singapore's approach to the latest restrictions is a much more targeted one.

    In fact, they will continue to rise," Mr Wong noted.

    "In other words, we are not going back to a scenario of low daily cases anymore," Mr Wong added.

    "I did not have any background in real estate.

    "I paid close to $600 in total in fees, insurance, namecards and so on, and became a real estate broker.

    The start-up now manages about 550 rooms across 16 purpose-built co-living assets, with a total value of $250 million.

    An impressive portfolio, you'll surely agree - especially for someone who "never, ever wanted to be in real estate.".

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) said the measures will be in place from Sept 27 to Oct 24, during which a 10-day snap work from home (WFH) requirement introduced earlier this month will be suspended.

    There should also continue to be no cross-deployment of workers to multiple worksites, said MOH in its statement.

    The task force also urged everyone to reduce social activities.

    Currently, up to 50 per cent of employees who are able to work from home are allowed to return to the workplace.

    Two Covid-19 outbreaks at opposite ends of the country are dampening hopes for the week-long National Day holiday which starts next week.

    The Harbin city government said laboratory tests confirmed samples collected in the city belonged to the highly transmissible Delta variant.

    All 15 confirmed cases are located in Bayan county and were identified during quarantine and city-wide screening for the virus.

    There are currently 1,009 confirmed cases throughout the country, with 16 in critical condition, as well as two other asymptomatic cases.

    Her parents divorced before she turned one, and although her mother had custody of her, Chantalle had to visit her father every Sunday.

    She said that Yiliang caned her and it was "rather serious" as she ended up being hospitalised for a week.

    When all that went down, Chantalle recalled her mother trying to stop Yiliang and he even wanted to hit her.

    My mother didn't want me to face more stress.".

    However, when Mediacorp wanted to renew her acting contract a year later, she was shocked at the terms offered to her.

    "Many people thought that winning the award would be a turning point in my life.

    "It turned out that the biggest change from winning the award was having my salary reverted to what I got three years ago.

    If they don't say their lines, the actors around them won't know what [lines] to say.

    SEOUL - Viewers of Netflix series Squid Game have noticed that the K-drama has some scenes and plotlines which are similar to a 2014 Japanese movie, As The Gods Will.

    Squid Game, which premiered on the streaming service last Friday (Sept 17), has garnered rave reviews and is trending online.

    In a press conference, he said: "It is true that (the first game is) similar, but after that, there aren't any similarities.".

    He pointed out that As The Gods Will was created in the 2010s, after his initial idea for Squid Game, which came to him after reading a lot of manga on the survival genre.

    Some of the world’s biggest pop music stars have come together to release the single My Universe.

    BTS and Coldplay had dropped hints about the collaboration for several months ahead of the release of My Universe, after BTS performed the British band’s Fix You in February when they appeared on MTV Unplugged.

    Following the release of My Universe, BTS members took to Twitter to react to its arrival, and shared a clip showing RM recording with Martin.

    My Universe is the latest high-profile collaboration from BTS following a recent remix of their summer hit Butter, which featured Thee Hot Girl herself, Megan Thee Stallion .

    EcoTok — a collection of eco warriors' wisdom (and wacky hacks) on TikTok — is gaining so much traction that it's all over my For You page, aka #fyp.

    See, I've always been one for hacks — in particular, sustainability hacks.

    Making huge lifestyle changes in the name of sustainability might seem challenging, but as every eco-conscious TikTok creator would say, "every bit counts".

    So here I am trying one sustainable hack at a time in the course of a week to see which of these wacky hacks from TikTok really do work.