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HANOI, Vietnam, March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DPRK -- USA Hanoi Summit has enhanced Vietnam to become the concentration phenominance of global and the best opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to create the promotion campaigns for their brands and products. Specifically, one of the most impressive campaigns is the launching of We Love -- a natural fruit juice from Lavifood.

We Love becomes the offcial drink of DPRK - USA Hanoi Summit
We Love becomes the official drink of DPRK - USA Hanoi Summit


We Love at the bilateral meetings with DPRK's Delegations
We Love at the bilateral meetings with DPRK's Delegations

We Love has been chosen to be the official drink of DPRK -- USA Hanoi Summit, which was able to approach 3,000 international reporters, over 200 international news agencies from nearly 40 countries and territories working in the International Media Centre (IMC) and to appear in bilateral and multilateral meetings taking place within this summit. In addition, Lavifood was also "rousing" the community to respond to its debut at the summit by building a "follow-up" media campaign on social networks and outdoor promotional activities throughout.

We Love also "follows" the international reporters and politicians in all of their footprint when covering main streets in of Hanoi with sampling activities consisting from the IMC, government offices, hotels, restaurants, banking offices, coffee shops to the area around the summit's venue, the USA's delegations and the DPRK's delegations accommodations. As soon as the summit ended, We Love created a set of meme photos related the Summit, the President of USA - Donald Trump and the President of DPRK -- Kim Jong Un with the photos and messages of We Love brand - that successfully made a viral throughout Facebook. This social media campaign helps We Love approached more than 4 million target customers in short period of time.

We Love has gained the attention and focus from communities and domestic customers. Becoming the official drink for the DPRK-USA Summit, which served for international reporters, and members of high-level delegations help We Love building the trust in quality to the communities and creating a perfect momentum before officially launching production event.

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