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Become a K-pop idol with 5G

Become a K-pop idol with 5G

BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A news and video report by on the "5G is on: Become a K-pop idol with 5G" in Seoul, South Korea:


South Korea is well known for its K-pop and street dancing culture, but imagine dancing with your favorite idol anywhere, anytime.

This is made possible by one of South Korea's leading telecom operators. LG Uplus recently introduced an augmented reality (AR) service that allows users to dance along with a K-pop star by using a 5G smartphone.

Our video host Laura Zheng will take you to find out how we can do it.

This app is called AR Live. It features a range of AR content allowing users to see prerecorded moving holographic avatars. While using the app, users can record themselves dancing right next to a virtual image of their favorite star.

Compared with 4G services, the 5G technology can ensure more deeply integrated and exciting AR experiences with its massive connection density and lower latency.

Dancer in the video: Groove-K

Host Laura Zheng: That's a very nice pose. So, how do you feel about using this app?

Groove-K: I play a lot of games on my smartphone, and I think this app is more fun than playing games on the phone. It actually feels like I'm dancing with real idols. It's fun in a new way.

Laura Zheng: How do you feel about 5G, and how do you think it will change our lives?

Groove-K: When I get a new phone, there's only so much to be impressed by, but this app seems to have a wider range of activities, and there's also a lot more to see. It has more fun functions than other apps.

Groove-K: I used to practice the choreography of my idols by watching TV, but now, I can practice with them at the same time using this app. This is so much better. Using a smartphone, I can now watch, memorize, and practice the dance routine. It's much more convenient.

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