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Blackshape Gabriél takes to the skies again

Blackshape Gabriél takes to the skies again GlobeNewswire June 19, 2024

BARI, Italy, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blackshape announces that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has lifted the grounding order on the Gabriél aircraft. This decision marks a pivotal moment for Blackshape, reaffirming the safety, integrity, and reliability of the Gabriél. The lifting of the grounding order follows an exhaustive and thorough investigation into the incident involving a Gabriél aircraft in Malaysia in February 2024. EASA’s findings confirm that the accident was not due to any design or manufacturing defect in the Gabriél aircraft. Blackshape worked closely with EASA, providing all necessary support and data throughout the investigation to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the events. The lifting of the grounding order by EASA underscores the inherent safety and robustness of the Gabriél aircraft when operated within the prescribed guidelines. The aircraft in question was grounded by Blackshape prior to the incident for maintenance requirements. The grounding order had been communicated to the customer and to the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA. 

Niccolò Chierroni, CEO of Blackshape, said: “Blackshape is always committed to advancing aviation safety and delivering the highest quality aircraft to our customers. We are certain that the Gabriél fleet will continue to set benchmarks for performance and reliability in the aviation industry.”

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