Brands for Good Awards 2021-2022 spotlights on ethics and sustainability

Brands for Good Awards 2021-2022 spotlights on ethics and sustainability
  • Bringing Authentic Ethical Voices of SMEs to the Limelight with This Year's Theme of "Your New Ethical Voice"
  • Surviving, Transforming, Thriving Through Brand Innovation and Digital Transformation Through Social Responsibility
  • Launch of Maybank-Brands for Good - "Partnership For Good" programme

12 January 2022, Singapore - Brands For Good 2021/2022 awards focuses on authentic ethical voices of companies who strive to do good and by embodying the principles of social responsibility in their businesses and operations. Brands for Good companies are looked up to as exemplary businesses, having both a profitable business model as well as stewardship for making a difference for positive impact in the world.

Started in 2017, by 3 founding partners who sincerely believe in the ability of every company to do good for the society they operate in, Brands For Good has since grown into a well-recognised award for enterprises large and small with Maybank Singapore as the founding and main sponsor.

This year, the awards has drawn participation from several listed companies such as Oceanus Group, Food Empire, LHT Holdings and AIA. Each of these companies has taken the lead to transform themselves in the pandemic and yet, still have a decisive strategy of embracing the concept of doing good as a core part of their business strategy. The Oceanus Group has transformed itself from a traditional farming company to a food tech company, using digitisation to build sustainable food security and supply chains for the industry, while LHT Holdings has used technology to improve their processes and serve their customers better.

This year's awards also brings to light the generosity and resilience of companies who have persevered to benefit their employees and others despite the challenges they themselves faced. Brooklynz Stainless Steel delivered food to their workers and their friends in the dormitories during the lock down, while both Seoul Garden and The Peranakan continued to stay committed to inclusive growth and implemented plans to hire and train interns with disabilities, and donate food to the less fortunate respectively, despite having to deal with the loss of revenues from having to close several outlets.

In addition to companies embodying doing good in their mission and vision, Brands For Goods also judges companies on the impact that they make to society, their growth over the last year, accountability and transparency and their ability to engage their stakeholders. Participants are put through a detailed qualification process through a panel of judges from across industries and institutions who look out for their financial viability, social impact made in the last year, environmental consciousness, and inclusiveness among others. The categories this year are Business for Good, Technology for Good, Capital for Good and Leadership for Good.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that businesses must put in effort in defining their mission for a new world. In many instances, the award winners were time-strapped to push out their products and services so that more companies and more individuals could benefit during the pandemic. This included using technology, like in the case of Funding Societies, to reduce processing time for loans to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) during the initial critical months of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore.

"It is important for businesses to impact their communities as doing good attracts like-minded ethical customers, talents, partners and investors who share the same beliefs and together they can make a lasting impact in society, ensuring sustainability," says Alan Ng, Co-Chair, Brands For Good. "Business owners tend to downplay the benefits their organisations can bring to society, through the viral and compounding effect of each company doing their part. We think it is important that and awards like Brands For Good showcase the efforts of our SME owners, so that they can continue being inspired and to inspire others to do the same."


At the same time, in collaboration with Maybank, Brands For Good is pleased to announce the Maybank-Brands For Good - Partnership for Good programme, which starts with a series of interest-free loan facilities for the top two winners in 2022/2023 with a total loan value of SGD300,000. The loans may be used for working capital as well as building ethical and sustainable programmes that the SMEs would like to launch, so that they may further their social mission.

Loan disbursement is subject to their financial standing. More details to follow later.

Brands for Good 2021/22

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