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China Matters Explores the Birthplace of Ancient Chinese Music

China Matters Explores the Birthplace of Ancient Chinese Music

BEIJING, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hidden in the dense forests of southeastern China, Wanli district of Nanchang has been deemed a natural oxygen bar due to its high concentration of oxygen and lush vegetation.  




But its astonishing natural landscape and bountiful bamboo forests are only part of what makes Wanli unique, as it is also renowned for being the birthplace of ancient music in China.   

Legend has it that 4,000 years ago, Chinese official of music Ling Lun traveled to these forests to find the perfect bamboo for crafting instruments. However, throughout his journey, not only was he successful in creating instruments, but he also established what would become the pentatonic scale, unique to traditional Chinese music.

In this video, American host, Jack, travels through winding forest paths in Wanli where he meets up with a bamboo flute musician and makes his first attempt at playing a song. But the flute is just the tip of the iceberg; Jack discovers an exhibition hall with a large variety of traditional instruments rarely seen outside of China.  

Finally, Jack sits down with a local expert to learn about a unique variety of tea grown in the mountains of Wanli and brings his journey to a close with a hot, relaxing cup of Wanli tea.  

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