mm2 launches Y2Y (youth to youth) programme initiative

mm2 launches Y2Y (youth to youth) programme initiative
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[Singapore, 9 September 2022] Media and entertainment company mm2 Entertainment Singapore ("mm2") has announced a new youth-focused initiative branded Youth To Youth aka Y2Y. The Y2Y programme is a first-of-its-kind media programme with the objective to partner young media talents in Singapore to make relevant and engaging content that speak directly to youths.

Local youths have embraced content creation for social media and short-form videos like YouTube and TikTok. Such content is mostly fun and entertaining, filled with unbridled enthusiasm and energy. Through the Y2Y initiative, mm2 aims to harness this youthful energy to produce content that not just entertains, but also informs and inspires.

"Today's media landscape has changed dramatically, and the youth have formulated a unique visual language that voices their interests and concerns," says Mr Ng Say Yong, Managing Director of mm2 Entertainment Singapore. "We want to build a community where young people can feel empowered and heard, where they have the space and the tools to create and innovate."

Double Up 欢迎光玲 is the first Y2Y strategic content partner. Double Up was co-founded in 2019 by local comedian and entrepreneur Kelvin Tan 陈威光, aka 马一朵 (@mayiduosg) and Ah Girls' actress and self-styled "Singapolian" Charlene 黄湘淋 (@aizaiaisteady). The company focuses on Mandarin social media content on Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram, with over 110K followers on Facebook alone.

Prior to the launch of Y2Y, Double Up collaborated with mm2 to release a Father's Day music video, Little Palm《小小的手掌》 in June 2022 ( - with over 139K views). The music was written and performed by Mayiduo. As an extension of the collaboration and part of the Y2Y initiative, Double Up will work with mm2 to produce three short videos on youth topics - specifically LGBTQ+, troubled youths, and parenthood; as well as a new music video to be released on Singles' Day (11 November 2022) on the theme of empowering women.

Further, Double Up will work with mm2 to shortlist five groups of young content creators through a selection process, to produce an additional five short videos under the Y2Y initiative. Double Up will mentor the participants; mm2 will fund the projects and provide a creative workspace to collaborate. The final part of Double Up's involvement will be the production of a full-length feature film directed by Mayidou and planned for 2023. The film will be slated for release in 2024, with a youth-related subject matter. All participants from earlier segments will be involved in the production in various capacities.

"The team at Double Up has accomplished a strong brand and following for their content. As young media talents, they understand the challenges that other young people face coming into the media space. They also share our aspiration to shape and mentor other young media talents," adds Mr Ng Say Yong.

"We are delighted to be working with mm2 on the Y2Y youth initiative. This is such a valuable opportunity to work with young people like us, share fresh ideas and be mutually inspired to produce content for youths of our generation. We look forward to building meaningful connections and learning from each other to establish the dream of a vibrant media creators' community in Singapore and beyond," says Mayiduo aka Kelvin Tan, Co-Founder of Double Up.

Future other strategic partners slated to join the Y2Y initiative include media and entertainment companies and industry supporters, such as Fly Entertainment, J Team, Hildrics Capital, nEbO club - Youth community run by NTUC Club, music publisher Funkie Monkies and their affiliated The Songwriter Music College, together with mm2 affiliated companies: Cathay Cineplexes, concert producers UnUsUaL Productions, immersive media company Vividthree Productions, digital media platforms AsiaOne and mPlay Asia.

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