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NetDragon's First Battle Game With Local Server - Heroes Evolved: Pakistan Starts its Beta Today

NetDragon's First Battle Game With Local Server - Heroes Evolved: Pakistan Starts its Beta Today

HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Heroes Evolved: Pakistan, an action real-time strategy game, is launching an open beta in Pakistan on January 20th, developer NetDragon (HK 777) announced today. The beta will be available for Android devices here.

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Main Feature
As a 5v5 strategy game, Heroes Evolved is well known for its great graphics and balance of heroes, which reminds players from all over the world of DOTA2. The game involves two teams of 5 players each in real-time battles with classic MOBA elements, including 3 lanes, towers, and jungle. Players collaborate with teammates and make use of the terrain to fight the opponents to bring down their towers, they can navigate the whole game with the ease of only two fingers.

Heroes Evolved: Pakistan is a special version of Heroes Evolved for Pakistani players with deep localization. It has improved graphics, easier and smoother operation, and faster paced 10-minute matches perfect for socializing with friends. In this beta, the game brings a massive roster of heroes and skins for players to choose from, and diverse tactics to experiment with. It will keep offering more localized heroes , skins and maps in the near future.

Dedicated Local Server

The game is designed exclusively for Pakistan with dedicated local server. Players can expect green ping, high performance and smooth gameplay during matches, making those breathtaking team-fights even more memorable. For a long time Pakistani players have been complaining about network delays in online games, with Heroes Evolved: Pakistan, they can rest assured to have an optimal game experience.

Huge Beta Rewards

Players participating in this test will enjoy endless rewards, such as daily login to claim 7 FREE distinctive heroes and exquisite skins. Beta bonus also includes the brand new Magnolia's Special Snowflake Skin, players can claim this exclusive beta gift skin in the official version, estimated to launch in March 2022. Moreover, by completing in-game quests, players can get free heroes.

Rebate Program

All Tokens players recharge in the beta test will bring them a 150% rebate in the official version, as a thank you for helping out the test.

Download the game for free here.

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