SpherePay, a mobile payment app launched in November this year, now have over 60,000 users in Singapore and aims to be the leading player in the region

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - December 12, 2017 - Launched early last month, mobile payment app company SpherePay, has acquired over 60,000 users in Singapore and has actively engaged users by running campaigns and strategic partnerships with reputable brands and organizations. With its mission to be South East Asia leading localized mobile payment app, SpherePay is on track of acquiring over 1 million users by end of 2018.

With a fully equipped and supported QR code-based transaction systems, SpherePay aims to bridge both consumers and merchants' transaction experience by providing a new cashless payment services, communications, events and experience of offline and online transactions all under one platform.

SpherePay users can make payments for their purchases or transactions swiftly, conveniently and seamlessly with just a scan of a QR Code via their smart-phones. By adding user credit cards and debit cards to the app, users can easily choose their mode of payments without even having to bring their physical wallets out. Users can also top up credit into the app wallet to enjoy special perks, benefits and rewards when they pay with the app credit. To benefit the user further, the app also enables users to apply for an advance wallet credits of up to $500 where this credit could be used to purchase any goods or services at SpherePay merchant in advance of payment. With the concept of "Buy now pay later", the credit function hope to assist users to purchase items they really need without having to go thru the hassle of documentations as with taking any other loans from credit provider or banks. In near future, SpherePay will also be made available for online purchases enabling seamless offline and online transactions.

Consumer data protection and data safety is the upmost importance to SpherePay and its users. Thus, SpherePay puts in rigorous efforts and has met the compliances of the PCI DSS. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) was crafted to augment and promote cardholder data security and to implement a standardized global data security measures for all entities that store, process, or transmit account data. These entities include merchants, service providers (e.g. payment app), issuers and acquirers who accept or process account data. Users can rest assured their data are secured with SpherePay.

Where is SpherePay now:

Recently launched on Apple store and Google Play store last month, SpherePay is now available at over 100 merchants and over 60,000 users in Singapore. With the recent announcement from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) about the SGQR initiatives to consolidate all QR Code enabled payment app provider into a one generic QR Code, SpherePay intends to be engaged and be part of this initiative to offer its users a bigger array of merchants and platform to use the app.  With its expansion footprint in line, SpherePay has plans to launch in Thailand and Indonesia market early next year and other Asian markets by the end of 2018.

Partnerships with SpherePay:

In mid-November last month, popular bicycle-sharing company oBike announced its partnership with SpherePay and its campaign called "BingoBike" which enables users to "earn and ride" with up to $88 in cashback rewards to oBike riders. This cashback can be used as credits in the SpherePay app. Within 2 weeks, SpherePay has acquired over 20,000 users through this cashback campaign initiative. With the partnership, oBike users could sign into oBike app by using their SpherePay account and vice versa.

 "We started off launching the SpherePay app very quickly & strategically with the aim of improving the payment ecosystem in Singapore. By partnering with strategic partners like oBike, we can further benefit not only our users, but also our partners' users and build a cohesive ecosystem that link payments to other third-party app. Aside from that, we are also exploring other partnerships and collaborations with strategic agencies, apps or merchants to also add value to them by tapping into our user database" Says Mr Ken K N, Spokesperson and Head of Marketing for SpherePay.

This month, SpherePay is partnering with a fashion-sports-lifestyle retailer SEEK which has a store in ION Orchard to run a SpherePay exclusive campaign. SEEK store which carries international lifestyle brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma and many others will offer special perks exclusively to SpherePay users. On top of that, all first time SpherePay users will also receive a $2 cashback on their first purchase. SpherePay direction to work with reputable brands is in line with its global expansion which will also benefit Singaporean users at later stage.

About the Company

SpherePay is developed by OPG Asia Pte Ltd, (OPG). OPG is the world's leading provider of financial innovation and payment services. The company is committed to the development of electronic business and operations to improve the operational efficiency of the society as a whole.

With the support of cloud computing, OPG have developed SpherePay which is a mobile application with secured online payment, fund management and consumer finance.  OPG ensures that all data are being protected and secured. This allows consumers to have a fast, hassle free and convenient experience, and ensure our merchant partners have a safe, reliable and efficient payment gateway platform.

For more information on SpherePay, please visit our website at www.spherepay.com