3-year-old girl in China stuck in claw machine after climbing in for Pikachu doll

PHOTO: Weibo/Pear Video

One of these dolls is not like the others.

Don't worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. In a very relatable moment, a 3-year-old girl from Guangdong was so desperate to get her hands on the toys in a claw machine that she crawled into the machine and got herself stuck.

According to Pear Video, the incident took place in a mall in the city of Dongguan when the girl's mother had her hands full with the girl's younger siblings. The mother was carrying one child and pushing another in a stroller when the girl saw her opportunity and took it.

The girl, who was remarkably calm, spent 30 minutes stranded in the machine with a bunch of Pikachu plushies. Thankfully, the shop owner eventually arrived with the key to the machine, freeing the girl, reported CCTV News. 

Police told reporters that the girl was unharmed - all's well that ends well.

Netizens were very amused. One commented, "I know how she feels, when I can't get the prize, I too want to crawl into the machine."

Another said, "Even though it's very sad, I somehow feel like laughing."

Unfortunately children getting trapped in claw machines seems to be a global phenomenon. There's something about a huge pile of toys in an enclosed space and an impossibly narrow entrance that attracts children like mice to a mousetrap.

This video dated 2008 proves that children have been climbing into claw machines since forever:

The little girl climbs in and even makes herself comfortable on a bed of soft toys while all the adults freak out.

Another video, shared in 2015, is the epitome of double trouble, with TWO kids trapped in a claw machine. The mother racks her brains to get her kids out, while one bystander quips, "If you give me 50 cents, I can get her out!"

And then there's the case of a teacher in US, who was charged for making his daughter crawl into a claw machine to steal prizes.

To all the parents out there, remember to keep an eye on your toddlers the next time you're around a claw machine. Those things are dangerous - and not just for your wallet.


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