800 job applications, 30 unsuccessful job interviews: Fresh grad in China breaks down talking about pressure of job hunting

PHOTO: Screengrab/Douyin

She submitted over 800 job applications but received responses from just 30 companies.

In the end, none of those 30 job interviews panned out for a woman in China, who took to social media to lament about her predicament and the job market.

Breaking down in tears while asking “what’s the point of me going to university?”, the woman’s video has since gone viral on Douyin, sparking discussions about the challenges faced by fresh graduates in China.  

The woman, who said she majored in copywriting and planning, also bemoaned the fact that internships offered by companies are without salary – with no guarantee of full-time employment at the end of the stint. 

She went on to cite her best friend who had a job in Beijing with a monthly pay of just 7,500 yuan (S$1,500).

The friend also found herself often working overtime, in addition to the already long hours. 

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“She goes home from work at 1am, sometimes at 3am or 4am. And she has to get up at 7am,” the woman said. 

Her teary grouse then extended to some of her younger friends who have been more successful on the job front. 

“What about me? My family pressuring me to be a teacher or join the government is not making things easier,” she said, adding that she even avoided returning home for Chinese New Year so she wouldn’t have to deal with her family’s questions.

Many commenters empathised with her and offered words of encouragement. 

One commenter said that several degree programmes offered by universities do not equip students with the right communication skills – leaving graduates at a disadvantage when they try to enter the workforce.

Sigh, the struggle is real, people.

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.