Caught on video: Angry teen in China beats up granny on the street

It was meant to be friendly advice, but an elderly woman's words incurred the wrath of a teenager.

87-year-old Madam Zhang was taking a stroll on the streets in Zhejiang, China, on Sept 25 when she saw a frustrated 18-year-old slamming his bicycle to the ground.

She told him that he would damage his ride if he continued to handle it so roughly.

So, he took out his anger on her instead.

In CCTV footage that is making its rounds online, the teenager is seen giving the elderly woman a flying kick in the stomach, knocking her to the ground.

He then snatches Zhang's walking stick and proceeds to batter the helpless granny with it.

A passerby is later seen rushing to her aid and taking the cane away from the angry teen.

The elderly woman was taken to a hospital and is now receiving treatment for multiple fractures.

Local police said in a statement that they have detained the teen for questioning.

Investigations are ongoing.