China police on the hunt for 'most beautiful criminal'

PHOTO: Weibo

[Update, Nov 28]:

China's most "beautiful criminal" has reportedly been nabbed. According to reports online, Qingchen JingJing, 19, turned herself in at 9.30am on Wednesday (Nov 28), 12 days after the warrant for her arrest was first posted on Weibo.

A female suspect on the run from police in China has been garnering attention online for another reason -- her criminally good looks.

Mianyang police in Sichuan province posted a mugshot of the woman online on Friday (Nov 16), but it was her startling good looks which got netizens talking.

The woman, identified as Qingchen Jingjing, is wanted by police for a series of scams conducted in bars and tea-houses. 

The 19-year-old is believed to be part of a seven-member gang that targeted drunk patrons. 

According to recent media reports, three members of the gang have surrendered but Qingchen is still on the run.

After her mugshot went viral, more information was dug up on Qingchen. 

A photo of Qingchen Jingjing captured from social media.Photo: Weibo

A former schoolmate of hers told Beijing News that she was a "class beauty" who was popular with boys. Another senior described her as being cheerful and friendly, although she also struggled academically.

Perhaps aware that her mugshot has gone viral for reasons unintended, Mianyang police posted a message on Weibo on Nov 25: "Having good looks is not your fault, but using your good looks to break the law is."

Another separate notice online posted by authorities reminded the public that "beauty can't be used as an excuse to escape the law".

It is clear, however, that some Weibo users have a soft spot for Qingchen, with many expressing disbelief that someone as pretty as her would resort to crime.

Said one user: "She can cheat me anytime."

"With this face, she could easily find a job without committing crime," another top-rated comment stated.

A post on Weibo also wondered if Qingchen could be "the most beautiful suspect in the category of most wanted female criminals".

A post on Weibo asked if Qingchen is "the most beautiful suspect in the category of most wanted female criminals?" Photo: Weibo

But evidently, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as not everyone felt the same way about her looks.

The excitement that Qingchen's mugshot generated also drew comparisons to the case of American Jeremy Meeks, the 'hot felon' who set the internet ablaze back in 2014.

Thanks to his viral mugshot, the father-of-three landed himself a modelling contract which he started as soon as he was released from prison on charges of possession of firearm and grand theft.

He's now known for being the boyfriend of Topshop heiress and socialite, Chloe Green, and the couple just welcomed a baby boy in May this year.