China woman jumps onto train track as joke, unaware train arriving

PHOTO: Video screengrab

How far would you go to spite your lover?

One woman in China decided that jumping onto a train track was a wise move to win an argument with her boyfriend.

What she did not know was that a high-speed train was pulling into the station when she pulled the stunt.

Luckily for her, based on surveillance footage, her male companion - presumably her boyfriend - dragged her back up, while the train could be seen braking too.

This happened at around 9.20pm on Monday (Nov 12) at Nanjing South Railway Station, according to Pear Video.

When questioned by police, the woman, identified as 33-year-old Wang, said she regretted her actions.

"I did it as a joke, I'm sorry," to which the cop replied, "A joke? It's not funny at all."

According to Yangzi Evening News, she also elaborated, "I turned back and saw the train passing by my feet - I was so scared and my mind went blank."

Wang was fined 200 yuan (S$40) as a result, with one cop mentioning that her social credit score could be affected.

China's future Social Credit System aims to rank every citizen's social behaviour.

To no one's surprise, Wang was flamed online.

One netizen asked, "Why are you still pulling her back?"

Another wrote, "She should jump off a building to see if her boyfriend can pull her up in time."