Chinese girl undergoes brain surgery after teacher hits her forehead with ruler, fracturing her skull

Chinese girl undergoes brain surgery after teacher hits her forehead with ruler, fracturing her skull
A girl in China underwent a five-hour craniotomy after her teacher fractured her skull with a ruler made of tempered glass.
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While trying to maintain order in his classroom, a primary school teacher in China hit a student's head, causing her skull to fracture.

The nine-year-old girl had to undergo a five-hour brain surgery to remove the shattered bone fragments and foreign objects in her skull.

The 40-year-old male teacher, surnamed Song, had injured the student, surnamed Liu, during an after-school activity at Bocai Meixi Lake Primary School in Yuelu district of Changsha, Hunan last Wednesday (Sept 6), Chinese media reported.

Liu's relative told Chinese media on Sept 7 that Song had hit Liu on the forehead with a triangular ruler made of tempered glass. The ruler had pierced her head, resulting in a deep wound of four to five centimetres.

Song reportedly did not inform Liu's parents of the accident, but brought her to the infirmary to bandage the wound. Her parents were only notified two hours later when Liu was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The relative said then that Liu was still in danger after the surgery and had fallen into a coma.

On Thursday afternoon, Yuelu police said that Song has been arrested on suspicion of intentional injury. Yuelu district education authorities also announced that Song and another staff involved in the accident have been suspended.

Song is currently in police custody, and the case is under further investigation, Global Times reported.

The education authorities said that they will strictly deal with those involved in accordance with the law and regulations. They will also comprehensively strengthen the construction of teachers' professional ethics and student safety management.

Fortunately, Liu has since regained consciousness.

On Sept 8, videos circulating on Chinese social media showed her responding to a doctor's questions and instructions. She was able to say her name and move her arms and legs.

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