Chinese man fractures arm after "princess carrying" girlfriend

Chinese man fractures arm after "princess carrying" girlfriend

A young man in Wuhan, China, learnt a painful lesson on May 20 after surprising his girlfriend with a "princess carry".

The intimate act left him with a fractured arm and dislocated elbow, a CT scan revealed.

How did he get injured?

The 20-year-old was celebrating the unofficial Chinese Valentine's Day with his girlfriend when he felt an urge to carry her

After carrying the 65kg woman in his arms, he heard a loud crack and realised that he had overestimated his strength.

Severe pain in his right arm soon followed. Suspecting that his arm was broken, the couple rushed to a hospital for help.

Photo: Weibo

At the emergency department, his condition turned out to be more serious than they expected. In addition to the fracture, his doctor found a torn ligament.

Even after putting the elbow in place, the young man would require surgery.

His injury was likely caused by a lack of physical strength and squatting the wrong way, his doctor said.

A "princess carry", also known as "bridal carry," may be a romantic gesture, but it's not something that should be done in the spur of the moment.

Besides arm injuries, the doctor said he had seen other patients who hurt their waists and backs while attempting the move.

So, you'd better think twice before sweeping your bae off her feet.

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