Chinese mum almost kills baby after delaying emergency C-section for auspicious date

Chinese mum almost kills baby after delaying emergency C-section for auspicious date

Would you rather give birth on an auspicious day or have a healthy baby?

The answer may be a no-brainer for most people, but this mum from Zhejiang baffled doctors when she refused to get an emergency caesarean section — all for the sake of giving her child a lucky birthday.

The unnamed woman, a university graduate in her 20s, had visited the hospital for a routine check-up on Sept 17, when an ultrasound revealed that she had a prolapsed umbilical cord, reported Chinese media.

This meant that there was pressure on the umbilical cord, affecting the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby.

The condition occurs in one in 10 deliveries and can cause brain damage to the baby.

When the baby is deprived of oxygen, also known as foetal hypoxia, there is a risk of other health complications and death.

Doctors told the mother, who was 37 weeks pregnant, that she needed to undergo an emergency C-section on the same day.

To their surprise, she refused to consent to the surgery and insisted on delivering the baby days later on Sept 20.

"My family has already picked out an auspicious day. It is in two days, on the twentieth of September. Any other day is inauspicious," she reportedly said, paying no heed to her doctor's repeated warnings that waiting another two days could mean the death of her child.

Dead set on giving birth on Sept 20, she continued to refuse surgery even after her belly started hurting at about 4pm on Sept 18, which indicated that her baby lacked oxygen.

The woman and her family finally came around and realised the gravity of the situation after the hospital director personally explained the risks and dangers to them and filmed the entire conversation as proof that the hospital had done their best.

Doctors finally performed the C-section at 6pm that day, resulting in the safe birth of a baby boy.

It turned out to be a close shave for the baby boy, whose skin was already turning blue. He was also showing signs of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency).

Waiting any longer would have been extremely dangerous for the baby, stated the doctor who delivered the child.

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