Chinese woman slaps boyfriend in public for not buying her a mobile phone

Chinese woman slaps boyfriend in public for not buying her a mobile phone
PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

May 20 may be a day couples in China express their love for each other, but the occasion left a man with stinging cheeks.

In a video clip making its rounds on the Internet, a woman was seen scolding and slapping her boyfriend on a street in Sichuan.

He did not defend himself or retaliate as she struck his face 52 times.

The reason for the woman's outburst?

Her boyfriend didn't buy her a mobile phone that day (520 is Chinese Internet slang for "I love you").

The scene attracted a crowd and several passers-by tried to stop the woman. She continued with the abuse even after the police arrived.

Officers then tried to take the couple to the police station for mediation, but the man -- fearing that his girlfriend would get into trouble -- stopped them from taking her away.


He also told the officers he did not want to get the police involved in the spat and that he would handle the issue.

To prevent the problem from escalating, the police dispersed the crowd and took the man away from the scene. The couple was later counselled separately.

According to the police, the couple had an argument over domestic issues.

The woman had been supporting her boyfriend financially and got angry when he couldn't afford to buy her a mobile phone to celebrate the occasion.

He then allowed his girlfriend to take her anger out on him because he felt that he was in the wrong.

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