Chinese woman stabs station staff after missing train

PHOTO: Weibo

Missing your train can be a frustrating experience.

A young woman, however, ended up turning her afternoon commute into a direct ticket to the police station when she stabbed a train station employee.

Shenzhen North Railway Station, operated by China Railway Guangzhou Group, confirmed on its official Weibo account that a 23-year old woman had stabbed a female employee on June 18 after missing her train.

The incident took place at Shenzhen North Railway Station at 2.47pm. The passenger, surnamed Luo, had stabbed the 27-year-old station staff in the back after failing to make it on the train.

A video of the incident shows the victim bleeding from the back as she knelt on the train station floor. Another female employee was seen putting pressure on the wound and yelling for help.

Security guards rushed to the scene and subdued the attacker.

The victim, surnamed Liu, was taken to hospital for treatment. Thankfully, her injury was not fatal, said Shenzhen North Railway Station.

The police are now collecting evidence and looking into the incident.

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