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Constipated woman loses 10 years of her memory after over-exerting herself on the toilet

Constipated woman loses 10 years of her memory after over-exerting herself on the toilet
PHOTO: 123rf

When our pipes are backed up internally, it can cause more than just pain and discomfort. 

Just ask one Hong Kong woman who temporarily lost 10 years of her memory, after overstraining herself while defecating, China Press reported.

Concerned family members immediately took her to the hospital upon noticing a lapse in her memory, but doctors found her brain function to be normal, shared her son in an online post.

The memory loss lasted for eight hours, and after she recovered, the woman had no recollection at all of the 'lost' time and drama that she had initiated.

When interviewed by media in Hong Kong, neurologist Dr Peng Jiaxiong explained that the episode, medically known as transient global amnesia, could have been caused by a condition known as internal jugular vein valve incompetence, where blood flow to the brain is compromised. 

This could have led to insufficient oxygen being delivered to the brain at the point of exertion due to constipation.

But the doctor added that such occurrences are rare and besides constipation sufferers, those who lift heavy objects or experience intense emotions are at greater risk.

He advised that those who experience symptoms of memory loss after exertion should seek medical attention immediately, and that such patients may have a 30 per cent higher likelihood of suffering a stroke.

In 2016, a 58-year-old man in Taiwan woke up with transient global amnesia after experiencing a bout of constipation the night before. He had also experienced intense emotions from watching a political talkshow, according to the neurologist who treated him.

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