Do it yourself: Ikea masturbation video goes viral in China

PHOTO: Reuters

We're all for pleasuring yourself, but maybe don't do it in public.

One woman was caught on video masturbating in one of the Ikea stores in China.

In the video, she was seen half-naked and lounging on various sofas and beds in the showroom to masturbate.

And all this took place as shoppers — who were obviously oblivious — walked in the background.

Although it's unclear where the video was taken-or even who the woman or videographer is-netizens speculate that it happened in Guangdong, as the background store announcements in the video were made in Cantonese, a language used in parts of southern China.

The videos have since been taken on from social media websites.

PHOTO: Weibo/IKEA China

Ikea has condemned the act in a statement on May 9. They said: "We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behaviour, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store."

They added that they would be "even more careful security and public cleanliness measures" and asked shoppers to "browse stores in an orderly and civilised way".

Their statement did not mention which store the incident occurred.

But one thing that netizens spotted was the absence of masks: The shoppers were not wearing masks, which suggested the video was filmed before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Regardless, please remember that public sex is illegal in Singapore, and masturbating publicly is considered as committing an obscene act in public. The latter is punishable by jail or fine or both.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore.