Faithful dog waits for nearly 3 months at same spot where owner was killed

As the saying goes, dogs are a man's best friend. For this canine in Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia state, loyalty knows no bounds, after it was revealed that the dog had been waiting at the spot where its female owner died since August. 

A video of the loyal pooch waiting at the road's divider has tugged at the heartstrings of many. The clip went viral on microblogging website Weibo, gaining 1.4 million views as of writing. 

In an interview by Pear Video, a taxi driver who drives through that particular street every day shared how the dog's owner died in a car accident on Aug 21 this year. Since then, the dog has kept vigil at that same spot of the road every day, hoping for its owner's return.

The driver shared, "Every day it's on the road; I always see it. The relationship between man and dog is so true."

Even as others try to give food to the dog, it will run away from strangers and only return after they are gone. 

The dedication has touched netizens' hearts, with many praising its loyalty. 

"In your lifetime you will have the company of many others. But to your dog, it only has you, " said one Weibo user. Photo: Weibo

"In your lifetime you will have the company of many others. But to your dog, it only has you, " a user commented on the video on Weibo. 

Other netizens were worried about the dog's safety, calling for Samaritans to adopt the dog and give it a loving home or risk another road accident. 

"Someone please adopt the dog, the traffic is too heavy, it's not safe," wrote another.
Photo: Weibo

According to China News, a local charity organisation is attempting to contact the owner's family and will rehome the dog if they are unable to do so.

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