Hong Kong newlyweds 'dabao' entire wedding banquet amid Covid-19 fears

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

No global pandemic is getting in the way of this Hong Kong couple's wedding — even if it means that a banquet is off the menu.

One couple is drawing divided opinions from netizens after they chose to forgo the traditional sit-down dinner at their wedding on March 10, sending their guests home with food packed in takeaway containers instead, reported Sky Post.

The photos of the dinner, which surfaced on Facebook the next day (March 11), showed "goodie bags" filled with at least eight dishes including roast pork, abalone and prawns.

The couple, who remain unnamed, had reportedly been forced to postpone their wedding, originally planned for November last year, due to the Hong Kong protests.

Deciding against postponing the wedding again, the pair went ahead with the celebration — albeit with some precautions in place.

Instead of serving dinner to each table on the usual communal plates, restaurant staff packed the food into 150 bags for guests to bring home, using a total of 900 plastic containers, according to a spokesperson for the restaurant, Choi Fook Royal Banquet.

Besides the lack of food, the festivities were just like any other wedding and included a march-in, as well as the exchanging of vows.

Guests were kept entertained by performances and were served drinks throughout the night before being sent home with their dinner when the celebrations drew to a close at about 10pm.

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This was the first time a couple had held a wedding at their venue sans food, the restaurant said.

Most of the other couples who booked wedding packages with them have postponed their nuptials to the end of the year or the start of next year, it added.

With 131 confirmed cases in Hong Kong as of March 13, the government has advised members of the public to wear masks while in crowded places. 

Those with respiratory symptoms are also advised to avoid visiting places with large crowds. 

The couple's unconventional wedding bash quickly became a hot topic on social media, attracting both praise and criticism. 

One commenter praised the restaurant for accommodating the couple, saying: "Thank you to Choi Fook for making the newlyweds' dreams come true. Amid the epidemic, I can see there's still love among humanity."

On the flip side, many took issue with the sheer amount of plastic waste generated.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Another commenter also pointed out that it was unreasonable to expect guests to go hungry for the entire ceremony, writing: "When they get home, it will be 10.30pm at the earliest. I'd starve to death."

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