'I blended them in a meat grinder': Woman in China allegedly ate 3 foetuses in a bid to boost fertility

'I blended them in a meat grinder': Woman in China allegedly ate 3 foetuses in a bid to boost fertility
Gynecologist Dr Dou was horrified when she heard that her patient ate foetuses wrapped in dumplings to boost fertility.
PHOTO: Screenshot/Xigua/Aunt Dou talks about infertility, Unsplash

This is the stuff of nightmares.

In a desperate attempt to conceive a child, a woman in Shandong, China allegedly ate foetuses that were aborted after being allegedly advised by a god to do so, according to a video uploaded on online video platform Xigua video on Jan 24.

"I ate children, even those that were aborted," she confessed to the gynaecologist, who is known as Dr Dou.

Dr Dou asked disbelievingly: "What did you eat? You meant you ate those [foetuses] that were aborted? Those children? Oh my goodness, who gave you this idea?"

The woman shared that those foetuses were about two months old and she ate them wrapped in dumplings.

"Wrapped in dumplings? How many did you have to eat?" Dr Dou's colleague asked.

"I ate three dumplings every night for seven days straight," she responded, as Dr Dou did a facepalm.

The woman added that she had the idea that if a woman eats those foetuses, they will become her children.

Dr Dou said: "How could you even swallow them?"

The woman responded: "I saw their tiny arms, legs and head, they were very thin and were mostly formed… Now that I think about it, I am actually quite scared. How could I have eaten them then?

According to Healthline, a foetus at two months old is about the size of a raspberry and has developed human features including eyes, nose, mouth and ears and important body systems including respiratory organs and nerves.

Dr Dou continued: "Did you chop it up?"

"I didn't dare to chop it, I blended them in a meat grinder," she shared, as Dr Dou looked horrified.

Dr Dou commented that the woman could have been infected if the foetus had a contagious disease and asked how could she have been so "ignorant".

"In this day and age, how could you still believe in such things?" she added.

The woman said that she was scared to think about it now and recounted that each foetus could make enough dumplings for her to eat for a week.

She added that she had eaten three foetuses so far and had also been advised to eat placentas.

Dr Dou shared that in all her years as a gynaecologist, she had heard all sorts of strange things, but it was her first time hearing about eating foetuses.

"You have to believe in science! Do you really think that by eating foetuses, you will have a child?" she said.

She added that the woman had a blocked fallopian tube should have got herself treated instead of resorting to such measures.

"I thought had no other options anymore," the woman told Dr Dou.

"There are all sorts of ways, you didn't even check [with a doctor], how did you think by eating a child you will have one?" Dr Dou responded.


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