Impatient driver in China takes down traffic light

What does a driver find most annoying? Probably the red light.

While waiting at a mostly empty traffic junction in Hunan on Aug 20, a man ran out of patience and decided to solve the problem himself.

He got out of his car and took down the traffic light.

Surveillance footage shows the driver running towards the traffic light and pulling it down from its temporary stand.

The takedown took less than a second.

Impatient driver gets out of his car, takes down traffic light

Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, September 6, 2018

The 36-year-old was later seen strutting back to his black sedan.

However, the driver did not get away with his misdeed as local police managed to track him down on Wednesday (Sept 5).

He was detained for five days and had to pay a fine for damaging public property.

Photo: WeChat

Similarly, a man in Jiangsu took things into his hands after he got fed up with sitting in traffic during his daily bus ride.

He painted his own arrows on the road to redirect the traffic.

The police released the 29-year-old after he paid a 1,000yuan (S$200) fine.

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