Monkey with human-like face becomes internet sensation


No, that's not a human being in a monkey suit.

Photos and videos of this monkey with a human-looking face have gone viral in China.

The 18-year-old resident of the Tianjin Zoo has become an internet sensation for its permanently shocked expression, bemusing visitors and netizens.

Photo: CGTN

According to GB Times, a video of the confused-looking primate was first posted on Weibo on March 19.

It has since gathered more than 8.2 million views.

In a

" target="_blank">video posted by Chinese news network CGTN, it reported that the monkey is a black-capped capuchin, native to central and South America.

The average lifespan of the species is about 15 to 20 years.

But people have been tickled by the funny expressions of this primate in particular.

"Are you sure this is not the zookeeper?" asked one person on Weibo, reported Daily Mail. "It's the expression that makes me laugh! It looks lost!" commented another Weibo user.

Contrary to being lost and confused, the monkey is actually the leader of the troop. Said its zookeeper: "Whenever there's food, he always eats first. His favourites are coconuts, strawberries, bananas and cherries."

What's more, another zookeeper interviewed said the monkey is one of the only ones whose face can be recognised as human by facial-recognition phone applications.