No frisbees! China bans guns, roller skates from year's biggest trade fair

SHANGHAI - Visitors to China's biggest trade fair of the year can leave their frisbees at home.

The flying disc joined kites, roller skates, bats and balls on a list of items banned from the massive trade show to be held in Shanghai from Nov 5 to 10.

The China International Import Expo aims to show off China's zeal for imports and ease foreign concerns about its trade practices. Sceptical foreign business leaders want to see concrete policy changes to improve market access.

The government is sparing no effort to ensure the event, announced last year by President Xi Jinping, is a success and has imposed tight security measures at the convention centre.

The state-run Shanghai Daily, the city's official English-language newspaper, said on Tuesday (Oct 16) that police had banned a wide range of objects from the expo venue, including guns, explosives, daggers, fireworks, gasoline and alcohol.

The airport-like security measures will prohibit cigarette lighters and matches, drinks, drones and animals that are not guide dogs, the newspaper said.

"The expo will also ban banners, placards, billboards and other publicity material with political, ethnic, religious and commercial messages which contravene Chinese law," it said.

China will make use of the US' tariffs to replace imports, promote localisation and accelerate the development of high-tech products.

Also on the list of banned items: syringes, liquid medicines, kites, umbrellas, luggage deemed "too large and not suitable", large flags, sports rackets, roller skates and other "objects that could cause injury", including frisbees.