No joke: Bride in China invites ex-lovers to wedding banquet, makes them sit at same table

No joke: Bride in China invites ex-lovers to wedding banquet, makes them sit at same table
PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo/Sina News

Sharing the same table with strangers at a wedding banquet is already painful, how about sitting with fellow exes? 

A video went viral on Chinese social media recently (Jan 8) documenting a wedding banquet in Hubei, China which was allegedly attended by a bride's ex-boyfriends.

What's worse, that bride apparently invited these five guys, putting them all on the same table. 

And on that table, there was a place card that reads "table of ex-boyfriends" in Chinese, which resulted in a great level of awkwardness among the guys, who even look alike, according to fellow netizens.

"How did the bride manage to gather so many guys that closely resemble another?" 

"Did I see it right? Seems like the ex-boyfriends have the same face, hahaha," joked netizens on how the bride's ex-boyfriends all have round faces and buzz cuts.

"It's not hard to figure out what her husband looks like," joked another netizen. 

"Not only does the bride dare to invite them, this group [of men] also dared to attend," commented another netizen.

As seen in the video, some of the guys looked rather uneasy and restless in their seats. There was also one woman spotted at the table, whom some netizens suggested to be one of the men's partner.

Jokes aside, some netizens thought that both bride and groom did not hold grudges, describing them as having a "big heart" and "generous".

However, some netizens disagreed, saying that it was "inappropriate" and "disrespectful" of the bride to the groom's family. Others suggested that one should always set clear boundaries with an ex and move on.

There were also the sceptics who pointed out that the writing on the place cards was awful, suggesting that the video was either a prank or just some content creator out to "seek attention".

"It's definitely written last-minute. [The place card] should be printed out if it's planned."

Strangely enough, this is not the first "table of ex-boyfriends" seen on social media.

Last June, in another wedding video that went viral in China, a bride could be seen standing among nine men who were holding a banner that read "All the ex-boyfriends wish Ting a blessed marriage".

One of them even held a "table of ex-boyfriends" place card.

While the similar look of the "ex-boyfriends" stirred discussions among netizens, the uploader then came out and explain that it was just a joke on her wedding. In fact, the guys "were the bride's classmates who grew up together".

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