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Parents in Beijing climb pillars and fences to catch a glimpse of their kids on the first day of school

Parents in Beijing climb pillars and fences to catch a glimpse of their kids on the first day of school
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/scmp

Starting pre-school is a major milestone and it is often accompanied by lots of crying, uncertainty and heel-dragging. So, it's quite understandable for parents of young kids to feel stressed when their little ones head to school for the first time.

While there are some parents who can deal with separation anxiety with their toddlers calmly, there are many who have a difficult time letting their babies go. 

A group of parents in Beijing experienced a similar feeling as they resorted to extreme measures to get a glimpse of their child's first day at school. Their intriguing images were posted online and while it seemed funny to a few, most parents could completely relate to it.

Concerned parents check on their kids in school

Kids returned to school for a new term on Wednesday as the summer holidays came to an end. For some students, it was naturally an occasion of fear, nervousness and lots of butterflies in their stomachs as they separated from their parents at the gate.  

But surprisingly it was not just them, but their parents that were equally stressed, if not more. 

According to a report, at one school in Beijing, parents were seen crowding around the school fence just to get a glimpse of their child's on their first day. 

Maybe in anticipation of such a situation, an opaque board that measured around 2.5 metres in height was installed at the school's premises. But, the parents were in no mood to let the board get in the way of their attempts to catch a glimpse of their child. 

There were some parents who climbed the concrete pillars and fences that surrounded the school. Few of them were spotted bending down to peep through the narrow opening at the bottom. 

Here's what netizens had to say about these concerned parents

The images and footage of the scene are being widely circulated on Chinese media. While some found it extremely hilarious, many recalled the day when their kids went to school for the first time. Looking at the photos, one user said, "It's a phenomenon seen all around the world."

Another shared that the school could’ve used technology to live feed for the parents and it could have avoided the physical ordeal.

Are you guilty of doing something similar to these concerned parents in Beijing?

If your toddler is about to start pre-school, don't stress, we have you covered. Here are three quick tips to help you and your kids on the first day of their school. 

3 tips to handle the child's first day of school  

Take it easy, don't rush

On the first day of school, both you and your child need to wake up early. So start your day by eating a nutritious breakfast.

Take your child through their usual routine at their own pace. This will allow them to not feel stressed and hassled. 

Don’t put pressure on them

Yes, we all want our child to excel academically but don’t pressure your child too much especially on the first day.

It is natural for them to not want to participate in class activity on the very first day, so don’t scold them if they don't. Assure your child that their teacher is there to help in whatever they need, when you're not around.

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Never say goodbye

Leaving your child even for a few hours in school can be difficult for both you and your child. Separation anxiety at this point is high so try to make everything a bit light and breezy.

For instance, instead of saying goodbye, tell your kid, “See you later.” Give your child a big hug, and encourage them to  interact with their classmates and try to make new friends.

If they end up crying or clinging on to you, you can offer an incentive by saying, "I will be waiting for you, look out for me on the right side of the gate."

As parents, it is important to ease your fears as well as your child's. If you feel guilty or worried about leaving your kid at school, they may sense it. Remember, the calmer and relaxed you are, the more confident your child will be!

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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