Parents at Chinese kindergarten shocked by girls' performance in bikinis

Whose eyes were the show meant for?

Parents attending a kindergarten recruitment event in Henan, China, on Wednesday (Aug 21) were shocked to see children strutting their stuff onstage in bikinis.

Once a video clip of the performance was circulated on social media, netizens' questions came pouring in.

Some likened the display to a kids' version of a lingerie show, while others asked why the school allowed their students to perform in this manner.

The girls are about 10 years old and they're actually child models from a training academy, a teacher from the kindergarten told the media.

He also suggested that netizens have overreacted to the performance, saying, "These are normal stage outfits. We put on the show to promote our kindergarten."

His school, which he said is fairly new, had enlisted outside help to attract more students.

But it appears that such a tactic may have backfired on the kindergarten.

Such performances are becoming more common in China, as schools put out all the stops to promote themselves and (hopefully) recruit more students.

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