Puppy in China sees jaywalker hit by a car, crosses at a zebra crossing instead

YouTube screengrab

A puppy recently won the hearts of Chinese netizens when a video of the young mutt using a zebra crossing right after a jaywalker was sent flying by a car went viral.

The incident took place on Sept 7 in Jiangsu, China. A man, named Wang, had attempted to jaywalk across an intersection when a red car knocked into him.

According to Chinese media, the driver did not expect someone to openly walk out onto the road and was unable to brake in time, therefore hitting Wang. From the video, Wang can be seen being tossed onto the car's windshield before collapsing heavily on the road.

Meanwhile, a white puppy witnessed the accident from across the road. It trotted towards the nearby zebra crossing and sat by the road for a while, quietly observing the oncoming traffic. Only after several motorcycles had passed did the puppy get up to cross the road.

The puppy made its way across the road without a hitch. On the other hand, Wang continued sitting on the ground, rubbing his back in pain.

Despite the unfortunate accident, netizens couldn't help but smile at the puppy's behaviour.

Many remarked that they felt no sympathy towards Wang, leaving comments such as "Even a dog knows how to wait before crossing the road!" and "Look at that, even a dog is smarter than him!"

The phrase "look left, look right, look left again" has been instilled in us since young. It appears that the puppy put Wang to shame simply by sticking to this traffic safety rule.