Self-service: Hong Kong teen breaks into McDonald's for $1.80 ice cream

Self-service: Hong Kong teen breaks into McDonald's for $1.80 ice cream
A teen in Hong Kong took self-service to the extreme.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/止於智者

While self-service eateries are a thing, one teen in Hong Kong took things a little too far by helping himself to a free cup of McDonald's ice cream. 

The video of him shoplifting from a McDonald's outlet at Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, has recently circulated around social media platforms. 

In the 24-second clip, the 13-year-old boy could be seen breaking into fast food chain's dessert kiosk before grabbing a cup and dispensing himself some ice cream. The frozen treat was worth HK$10 (S$1.80), reported Hong Kong news site Sing Tao Daily. 

As the teen entered the store, the person filming him could be heard saying in Cantonese: "Get free ice cream, new cone?" 

On Saturday (July 2), a staff member from McDonald's made a police report about the incident.

The police subsequently arrested the boy over a case of shoplifting. He has since been released on bail and his case is currently under investigation. 

As of now, one of the circulating videos has been viewed over 1,900 times, with more than 60 comments. 

Some netizens remarked that there is no point in stealing ice cream. 

Others were more concerned about the spread of germs, especially since the world is living in the midst of a pandemic. 

"Stealing ice cream is a small matter, I'm more worried about the spread of the virus," a netizen wrote. 

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