Woman admits to putting used sanitary pad in kettle at 5-star hotel in China

Woman admits to putting used sanitary pad in kettle at 5-star hotel in China

It's bad enough that some people boil their underwear in hotel kettles. If that hasn't put you off hotel kettles yet, this might do the trick — staff at one 5-star hotel in China reported finding a used sanitary pad in one of their kettles.

The sanitary pad was discovered on Aug 20 by staff at Nanning Hotel who were cleaning the room, reported thepaper.cn.

The hotel reported the incident to police on the same day.

According to a representative of the hotel, known only as Dang, their policy is to conduct room checks and cleaning after guests have checked out and left the hotel.

The two women who had recently stayed in the room were brought to the local police station to assist with investigations.

One of the women, 23, admitted to leaving the used sanitary pad in the kettle and offered to write an apology letter to the hotel, reported btime.com.

Dang said that the hotel has not agreed to accept the woman's apology.

Investigations by local police to determine the woman's motive are still ongoing.

This is not the first time that Nanning Hotel's kettles have been misused. In July, a guest found a sock in a kettle after he had drunk three cups of water from it.

Think you can sterilise your kettle by boiling a new batch of water before using it? Think again — boiling does not kill 100 per cent of the bacteria in a kettle, according to an expert.

With the assortment of gross foreign objects that have been discovered in hotel kettles, I don't know about you but I'll be sticking to bottled water the next time I travel.


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