Woman hacks open durian with saw after being denied entry on train, then devours it on the spot

When one woman's precious edible cargo faced confiscation, she did the most reasonable thing -- eat it on the spot, of course.

The woman had brought a durian to the railway station in the Zhejiang city of Quzhou, China. 

Unfortunately, the strong-smelling fruit was detected by security and the woman was barred from entering the train with it.

Caught between binning the 'King of Fruit' or eating it, she chose the latter, doing it with much aplomb.

Photo: Weibo

Photo: Weibo

Using a saw she borrowed to hack open the durian, she managed to consume the whole fruit before boarding her train.

And there have been quite a few others caught in similar situations. 

In 2016, a woman in Anhui wolfed down 5kg of durian at a go, after similarly being denied entry at a train station. More alarmingly, she stopped only when she suffered a nosebleed, before managing to catch her train.

At another railway station in Chengdu the next year, one woman opened up the two durians she was carrying and even offered them up to passersby, so as not to waste the fruit. 

Guess it's time people learn that not everyone is a fan of the pungent fruit. After all, it did spark fears of a gas leak at one Melbourne library.