Woman kowtows to Hong Kong MTR staff after being asked to take e-bike off train

PHOTO: Facebook video screengrab

A woman knelt down on all fours and kowtowed for nearly three minutes to a Hong Kong MTR staff member, after she was asked to take her electric bicycle off the train.

Stomp contributor Keith had alerted Stomp to a circulated video of the incident which happened on the Kwun Tong line last Thursday (May 24) at around 10pm.

Keith said: "This girl was caught with an e-bike in an MTR in Hong Kong, and was begging the staff member to let her stay on the train."

In a video posted on a Facebook page, the woman is seen continuously kowtowing to an MTR staff member.

She is also heard repeatedly yelling in Cantonese: "Please have mercy on me, my King."

The flustered MTR staff member then replied in Cantonese as well, asking her to calm down.

An eyewitness said that the woman was asked by the male staff member to leave the train as it was against the rules to bring her non-folding electric bicycle into the carriage, reported Apple Daily.

She could also be heard yelling: "I need to go home! Kowtowing hurts! Please help me carry this (bike)!"

After multiple failed attempts to calm the woman down, the MTR staff member called for backup, and the woman fell silent for a while as she listened in on his conversation on the walkie-talkie.

But she continued wailing about how she "had no education" and "could not read" when the MTR employee told her to leave again.

Upon arriving at Ngau Tau Kok station, the duo alighted the train and the woman could be heard saying: "My life is going to end soon! My throat hurts!"

The video of the fiasco has been viewed over 256,000 times, with netizens commenting on how scared the MTR guy looked and the reason the woman was bowing.

Under the Road Traffic Ordinance, only bikes that are able to be folded are allowed on the MTR, and all electric-powered vehicles must be registered and licensed by the Transport Department.