Woman slaps baby's face to force husband to come home; sparks outrage on social media

PHOTO: Pixabay

A woman in Hengyang, Hunan province, sparked public anger after posting a video of herself slapping her baby’s face several times, in an attempt to get her husband's attention.

The video, reposted online by People's Daily on Jan 5, has been watched over 16 million times as of writing.

In the video, a woman can be seen slapping a baby’s face relentlessly. Despite the baby’s cries of distress, the woman remained apathetic and continued on with the abuse. The woman later attempted to smother the baby’s face with her hand to stop the baby from crying.

The police was called in by concerned netizens, who quickly tracked down the woman. The perpetrator was revealed to be the baby’s mother, Qin Weimou, 22, according to Sina Entertainment.

She is said to have committed the act of abuse to force her husband to come home. She felt lonely as her husband was seldom around, and this drove her to commit the appalling act against her own child.

While many were critical of her actions, there were also others who were sympathetic towards her as they speculated that she might have been suffering from postnatal depression.  

"You're not fit to be a mother."Photo: Weibo "This woman is also quite pitiful. If she has postnatal depression, and her husband is unwilling to return home and show concern towards her, misshaps may easily occur if she does not receive psychological help in time. The child is even more innocent. I don't know what he will think when he grows up and learns of this." Photo: Weibo

People's Daily said that the woman has since surrendered herself to the police and will be kept in custody for five days.

The baby is safe as of now and is under the care of her grandmother.

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