You can now hire someone to drink your bubble tea in China

PHOTO: Taobao

Need your daily dose of bubble tea but can't bear the consequences of weight gain? 

Why not hire someone else to drink your bubble tea? 

Apparently, that is now a thing in China -- sellers have started to market themselves as 'bubble tea drinkers by proxy' on online marketplace Taobao. 

According to Taiwan's Apple Daily, the service has gone viral on Chinese social media networks, poking fun at the young generation's insatiable need for feasting. 

Advertised as being "fat-free" and "free of queues", those who pay for the service will receive the full experience which includes a 360-degree video of the drink, photos, and a detailed description. Prices of the service are based on the drink's sweetness level, its price, and popularity. 

The service providers pride themselves on their personalised reviews which include the colour, taste and texture of the milk tea. The videos also have timestamps to prove that reviews are not recycled.

These Taobao listings are not only attracting customers but also potential employees, 22-year old Ms Xu said that she joined the business because she is a big fan of milk tea. She usually charges 2 yuan (S$0.40) for the service, and 3 yuan if the drink is above 550ml.

A Taobao ad offering eating and drinking services by proxy.Photo: Taobao

Other sellers explained that most customers buy their service because they're bored at night or trying to shake off cravings while they're on a diet. Drinking bubble tea by proxy may help customers avoid high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and other health problems that the sugar-laden drink may cause, sellers said.

In fact, it looks like the service is thriving in online marketplaces. People offering to eat fried chicken, steamboat, and even McDonalds on behalf of their customers have popped up on Taobao as well.

It's just a matter of time before these services hit our shores. Roti prata by proxy anyone?