11 Singapore Twitch streamers to check out in 2021

11 Singapore Twitch streamers to check out in 2021
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While video game streaming, or streaming in general, has been around for some time now, 2020 was the year it felt like the format really hit its stride. As folks find new ways to entertain themselves services, like Twitch, help users discover new games and genres of content they never knew existed.

Launched back in June 2011, Twitch is an evolution of the general-interest streaming platform justin.tv and operates as a subsidiary of Amazon. Yes, that ecommerce giant, Amazon.

The platform focuses on video game streaming which includes broadcasts of esports competitions as well as offering music broadcasts, creative content and even just your normal day-to-day conversations with prominent figures (and even regular folks).

There’s a whole lot of drama to be found on the platform with its associated talents as well but we’ll save that for another day.

If you’re one to have yet found a way to relieve your boredom at home or looking for some company, Twitch might just be your answer. Here are some streamers that might be your piping hot cup of tea to make your day.

1. AyinMaiden


With a humble 12.2k followers, this Singaporean gamer is not only a Twitch streamer but also a Youtuber. Once a teacher in a local public school, Ayin finds satisfaction in helping her fellow geeks out by creating game guides as well as showcase her gaming skills.

Ayin plays a multitude of games such as Quake, CounterStrike, Guild Wars 2 and Sims. Currently a full-time Twitch streamer, she regularly streams every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10am (SGT).

2. Melvallous


Melvallous, also known as Melissa, packs quite a portfolio to her name. A Singaporean gamer, DJ, Livestream host and also the founder of Ardent, a gaming collective that houses clans and teams from other games.

Additionally, she is also a co-founder of the Singapore-Malaysia World of Warcraft Community.

Having 6.3k followers on Twitch, Melissa is known to be one of the leading streamers in Singapore where she primarily creates a wide array of gaming content on her channel. Melvallous streams four days a week especially during these tough times where the nightlife industry is currently on hiatus.

3. Crying_orange


Stanley Yap or mostly known by his Twitch username, crying_orange, boasts 3.6k followers on his channel. Streaming games such as Monster Hunter World, Destiny 2 and even horror-themed ones, this 24 years old packs a lot of impressive skills and talents.

Originally a full-time Muay Thai instructor, Stanley now works as a content producer based in Singapore and even makes use of his influence to publicly advocate for mental health. He is now currently signed on to an e-sports talent agency, Emerge, and actively streams on Twitch.

Stanley does not particularly have a schedule he abides in but he usually showcases his gaming skills or just plainly catches up with his followers making full use of memes and humour to entertain them.

4. Arthars


A certified linguist, Arthars has a bilingual stream where he switches between English and Japanese effortlessly.

A real foodie and advocate of healthy eating by giving us glimpses of his physical journey on his Instagram account, Arthars is living proof that streaming can become a full-time career even at a ripe age of 40 years old especially with his 48.6k followers on Twitch.

Arthars regularly spends about five hours a day playing MMORPGs, specifically Final Fantasy XIV as well as RPGs. With his unfiltered conversations with his followers, he is able to become one of the most consistently viewed Singaporean streamers on the platform.



Dota 2, Apex Legends, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, are just some of the games that this Twitch Streamer streams on his channel.

With an outstanding 113k followers, YDCB balances not only skill in-game but also entertaining his audiences with his joyful nature and humorous comments at the same time.

Although he maintains a strong divide between his personal and professional life as a live streamer and does not seem to have a consistent stream schedule, YDCB continues to actively interact and engage with his audience making his streams always one to look forward to.

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6. Fatboychard


Fatboychard or also known as Richard is a keyboard enthusiast and custom cable maker based in Singapore. From showcasing his own collection of keyboards and cables to streaming his own builds, at the end of it all, it is a sure guarantee you’ll be learning something new as a whole.

If you’re looking to take a break from watching gaming streams and to just ease your mind, Fatboychard might just be a channel to look into.

Richard also provides keyboard services, as well as custom cable builds. If you have any queries and are in need of such services do drop him a message on his Discord.

7. HamajiNeo


Another custom keyboard content creator, Hamaji Neo is a variety YouTuber and occasional streamer. From creating his own custom builds to pushing and testing the boundaries of existing mechanical keyboard builds, Hamaji is a certified keeb enthusiast.

With 10.8k followers, the streamer also has a clothing line which fans may be interested in purchasing.  Additionally, to add variety, he does occasionally do gaming streams as well, specifically playing Team Fortress 2 on top of his keyboard videos but those are few and far between these days.

Moreover, he consistently uploads Youtube videos where keyboards are involved as well as other humorous content you can binge on.

8. Softkhor


Although it’s not quite rare to see female gaming streaming on Twitch and have them thrive. Kimberly or mostly known as Softkhor is a testament that there are such people on the platform based on their skills. A true gamer, the 22-year-old plays Valorant, Apex Legends, and Fortnite just to name a few. 

Having started playing when she was young, she has invested enough time and money to hone her skills in gaming and with 4.9k Twitch followers, even her audience acknowledges her skill in the field.

Furthermore, Kimberly is also a talented illustrator, creating impressive digital art and showcasing them to the world through her Instagram account. Definitely the epitome of beauty and talent.

9. Syeolli


A former flight attendant, Shirley, otherwise known as Syeolli to her audience, is another female streamer on the platform.

Streaming games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, World of Warcraft and Dead By Daylight, this Singapore streamer is definitely not just beauty and brains but also filled with talented gaming skills.

She may look intense when she games but don’t let that deceive you as she has a cheerful personality. Shirley occasionally does chat with her viewers as well other than doing gaming streams to build rapport with her community.

10. Tokaku


If gaming is not your forte and you’ve hopped on to Twitch to gain some company, Tokaku or Jolene’s channel is a definite go-to. Mainly a Youtuber who specialises in rhythm games, Jolene mostly makes use of her Twitch to catch up with her followers.

It is the kind of stream where you leave playing in the background as you continue doing your work.

Nevertheless, the 21-year-old does occasionally stream games on her platform from time to time and it’s mostly osu!. For more variety of content to watch from, you can check her YouTube account as well.

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11. Mezame


A full-time content creator, Mezame is a professional photographer and global ambassador for EIZO as well as an ambassador for Omnidesk and Wacom. Mezame plays various games but has a strong preference for RPGs.

With his birthday coming up, Mezame is holding a marathon stream called a “subathon”. By holding such events, streamers seek to gain viewers and subscribers as well as earn donations.

If any of those increase, more time will be added to the stream which becomes more challenging for the streamer to go the distance to garner more rewards.

Starting from June 23, 8pm (SGT) on his Twitch channel, the upcoming subathon has a set run time of 12 hours, and it can go on as long as 28 hours if it works out.

During this time, the audience can look forward to Mezame’s stream of various games, answering questions, and better yet, giveaways by Omnidesk, EIZO, Creative, and Wacom.

Viewers may also have a chance to win merchandise from the MezameTV Merch Store by participating in two art competitions he has organised.

If you’re looking to discover more Twitch streamers, look no further, by joining Mezame’s discord channel, you might just find a streamer and community that you can resonate and relate to.

Supporting a streamer is one of the best ways to keep them going, and linking your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account is by far the easiest.

And that’s it for our broad list of Twitch streamers that are based in Singapore. These channels are a great outlet to alleviate your boredom and build community with your fellow geeks.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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