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2020 sucked? It’s okay, Kinokuniya has a perpetual disappointment diary where you can complain like a true Singaporean

2020 sucked? It’s okay, Kinokuniya has a perpetual disappointment diary where you can complain like a true Singaporean
PHOTO: Kinokuniya Malaysia

2020 hasn't been the most smooth sailing year for most of us, to say the least, thanks for the on-going pandemic. With the unsettling job market, strict travel restrictions and many inconveniences that Covid-19 has brought about like mask-wearing and SafeEntry scanning, there's lots to complain about.

While turning to family, friends and social media is an option to let off some steam, it can get old fast, since everyone is struggling in one way or another. And if you know of someone who has lots of grouses and no one to turn to, the Perpetual Disappointment Diary might make the perfect gift.

And it would seem that many people agree. A post about the diary on Kinokuniya Malaysia's Facebook page describes the diary as "a great reminder that even when life isn't perfect and can be disappointing at times", has garnered over 600 shares and more than 100 comments at the time of writing.

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On the surface, it looks just like any other diary, a minimalistic, navy blue exterior with the title Perpetual Disappointment Diary plastered on the top left hand.

But a look on the inside reveals that it is certainly not your everyday notebook that you'll jot notes in. Like this page that's covered in sad faces, something that most of us should be able to relate to. 

There are also pages to jot down self-loathing thoughts, as well as track your rate of decline, weight gain and debt accumulated.

Not enough friends to add to your address book? This diary has a section for imaginary friends that you shouldn't have problems filling up.  

There are also angsty quotes that are scattered throughout the book. 

Our favourite feature is this fun flow chart called the Excuse Generator. You can use it to pick out creative excuses that you may or may not want to attempt to use in real life.

The diary is available on Kinokuniya's Malaysia. In Singapore, it's currently out of stock in stores, but orders can be placed online.

Netizens, unsurprisingly, were pretty amused by the diary, and plenty of them have left comments to express how much they need something similar.

Others also mentioned that it would make a great Christmas gift. 

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