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25 hottest gadgets to tech your halls

25 hottest gadgets to tech your halls
PHOTO: Home & Decor

Hi-tech gadgets top the charts when it comes to the festive season wish list. Here are 25 of the hottest and most emotionally resonant devices and toys that will make great gifts for your family and your home. 

Aural pleasure

Home gatherings are not complete without a great sound system. Here are a few great choices, ranging from the whole smart system and hybrid functions to a simple portable speaker. 

Tech the halls audio

Symfonisk table lamp with WiFi speaker

A co-creation of Ikea and audio brand Sonos, this is a lamp that sets both the visual and the aural elements of the room.

$299 from Ikea.

Google nest audio

Simply start by saying “Hey Google” and ask it to play anything available on the internet. And of course, you can also ask it to control your smart home gadgets via the app.

Starts from $139 from Google Store. Also available at Challenger and Courts.

Sony XB23 extra bass portable bluetooth speaker

Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, the SRS-XB23 is both a stylish, punchy and useful gadget with a comfortable price point. It also comes in five colours.

$179 from Sony

Cinematic experience

The cinema experience has pretty much shifted from the actual movie theatre to our homes, thanks to these nifty gadgets, which make for a great alternative to big-screen TVs. They are also priced comfortably to give as a present. 

Tech the halls cinema

Blisslights sky lite laser galaxy projector

This little projector has become a breakout TikTok star thanks to its dramatic galaxy projector that looks amazing on-screen.

It is perfect for recreating your own planetarium or aid you in making amazing videos, or simply wow everyone at gatherings (or Zoom calls).

US$59.99 ($80.50) from BlissLights.

Lumos Auro projector

This portable projector by local startup Lumos features a crystal- clear 1080p resolution, which is 2.25 times sharper than the standard 720p projectors, and it needs only a three-metre distance to display a 100-inch picture.

From $299 from Lumos

Lg Cinebeam 4K UHD laser projector

Designed to deliver a best-in- class movie theatre experience, LG CineBeam features the Bright Room and Dark Room presets that detect the amount of light in the room to deliver the best picture possible.

Price upon request, from LG

Kindle paperwhite

Not a cinema person? Do you or your loved ones prefer reading a book? Then Kindle is your best bet.

The latest generation of Kindle reader features the Paperwhite technology, which allows the white background of the screen to appear and behave like paper to our eyes. These include eliminating the glare from the sun and emitting no artificial blue light that strains the eyes.

$205 from SG E-readershop. 

Hi-tech creativity

A drone, a 3D-printer and an all-terrain robot – at least one of these will satisfy the jaded techies in your life. 

Tech the halls hi tech

Dji Mini 2 drone

Dubbed as the everyday flycam, this cute, foldable drone weighs just under 250g, which is almost as light as the average smartphone, placing it in the safest weight class of drones.

$599 from The Drone Shop

Sphero RVR

Made for “makers, hackers, coders – and you”, this programmable all-terrain robot is packed with tons of advanced robot sensors that you can code and hack, and is built for play-based learning. It’s nerdy, cool and educational at the same time.

From US$249.99 ($335) from Sphero

Flashforge Finder 3D printer

A compact, starter 3D printer that features quiet operations and a high print resolution, and a red casing with rounded corners that will pair nicely with your Smegs and KitchenAids, if you’re into matchy-matchy.

Starts from $973.75 from Lazada and Amazon.

The power of nostalgia

These aren’t necessarily the most hi-tech gifts out there, they are however tugged into the inner child in you by banking on nostalgia, which guarantees to put a smile on your face, and the lucky person who receives your gift. 

Tech the halls nostalgia

Create your own reel viewer

Millennials will remember that reel viewer from your childhood. Uncommon Goods offers one that comes with a personalised reel. Once you purchase the goods, you will be prompted to send them snapshots you’d like to include in the viewer, which will be turned into a reel. Who can resist saying “aaawwww”?

From $40.31 from Uncommon Goods

Freewrite traveler

Writers will always have an affinity for typewriters, even the ones who were born in the age of keyboards.

Freewrite Traveler combines both into the ultimate portable, distraction-free writing tool with a charmingly retro-looking design featuring e-ink screen, a full-size scissor-switch keyboard and a four-week battery life capable of getting you through any report or short story.

US$429 ($575.80) from Freewrite. 

Next-gen gaming

Online gaming has emerged as one way to stay in touch and do group activities during the pandemic. And these three things barely cover the most coveted list of gaming gadgets of the year, but they are a great starting point. 

Tech the halls gaming

Oculus Quest 2

This VR headset tops the best lists around the internet, boasting a “blazing fast processor and next-gen graphics”, cinematic sound, easy setup, and direct cast to compatible TVs.

From $435.33, from Amazon Singapore.

Razer Huntsman Mini

This gaming keyboard has the smallest footprint in the market, which gives more room for gamers to move their mouse. It is also touted to have the fastest keyboard switches and more ergonomic design for gaming.

$209.99 from Razer.

Playstation 5

We’re crossing our fingers that PS5 would have been restocked by the time you read this. One of the most sought after items of the season. Put it in your KIV list.

Starts from $599 from Sony, as well as PlayE, Toy or Game, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Challenger and Gain City.

Wellness matters

More and more gadgets are dedicated to their users’ wellness, and this can take many forms, ranging from regulating your circadian rhythm, purifying the air you breathe to taking care of your beauty routine. 

Tech the hall wellness

Dyson lightcycle morph

This incredibly versatile desk lamp has a unique local daylight tracking and delivers light throughout a room in four different formats – as an indirect, task, feature or ambient light, each optimised to give you the most visually comfortable illumination.

$799 (desk variant) and $1,199 (floor variant), from Dyson.

Lg Pra L

Suitable for both men and women, LG’s home beauty set comprises Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care and Derma LED Mask that work in tandem using micro-vibration, ultrasonic waves and LED lights to rejuvenate your skin.

$1,349 (Derma LED Mask), $529 (Galvanic Ion Booster), $699 (Total Lift Up Care) and $449 (Dual Cleanser), from LG

Lg purchase 360 double in romantic rose

One of the best-in-class air purifiers, LG Puricare 360 Double is now available in Romantic Rose finish, featuring a blush coloured metal casing that lends a feminine touch to any room.

$1,899 online at Best Denki, Lazada and Harvey Norman.

Housekeeping made easy

From robot vacuum cleaners to handheld ones and a handy tile that can find your lost items, it never hurts to invest in fantastic housekeeping gadgets, your family and your future self will thank you. 

Tech the hall housekeeping

Tile mate

Have you ever misplaced your keys or cards and just wished that you could call them like you call your phone? Well, thanks to this Bluetooth tracker, you can. Simply attach the minimalist tile and keep track of your item via an app. Tile has also launched the sticker version, for even easier ways to keep track.

US$17.99 ($24.15) from Tile.

Lg Cordzero cordless vacuum

This cordless handheld gadget vacuums and mops simultaneously, taking the drudgery out of cleaning. It can run up to 80 minutes on normal mode with two easily interchangeable batteries.

$1,299 from LG.

Covacs Deebot Ozmo T8

It senses everything and cleans everywhere, so promises Ecovacs of T8, which scans precisely and detects the smallest obstacles in the room. Plus, it has a pro mopping technology with a high- frequency vibrating mopping plate, ideal for dealing with stubborn stains.

From $499.99 from Ecovacs

Philips smartpro easy robot vacuum cleaner

This ultra-slim robot vacuum cleaner can reach the deepest corner and offers 24-hour advance scheduling and four cleaning modes to adapt to different areas.

From $399 from Philips Lazada and Shopee stores.

The smartest phone

Talking about tech the hall is not complete with the ultimate gadget: the smartphone. Look, if you’re a diehard Apple fan whose heart is set on iPhone 12, we can’t blame you, but you might want to check out the competitors in case you’re looking for one to give away (or a second phone) – they have competitive specs and looks. 

Tech the halls smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

The next-gen flip phone with a proportion akin to a compact powder delivers 5G connectivity, all while looking stylish in Mystic Gray and Mystic Bronze colourway.

$1,998 from Samsung stores, Singtel, M1, Starhub, and major consumer and IT stores.

Google Pixel 4A

Various tech publications have declared Google Pixel 4a as the best Android smartphone in the market, featuring a fantastic camera and guaranteed software updates until 2023. All this, and it costs significantly lower than its peers – well it seems to be living up to its tagline: a lot of help, for less.

$499 from Google Store.

MI 10T series

Another 5G family of smartphones worthy of consideration, Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Series comprises Mi 10T Lite, Mi 10T, and M10T Pro, with ascending price point.

The general consensus seems to hail the Mi 10T as the best in terms of value for money, with some reviews even labelling it as ‘flagship killer’, meaning its performance rivals the brand’s premium flagship line – sounds promising!

From $649 (Mi 10T) from M1, Singtel, Starhub, Lazada, Shopee and authorised Mi stores.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.

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