5 Amazon gadgets that have gone viral on TikTok

PHOTO: Amazon

Amazon is known for being an online shopping marketplace with highly-rated products that have a cult following. While there are too many listings to deep dive into and review, here are 5 gadgets we’ve found on TikTok to share with you.

“TikTok made me buy it” is what we tell ourselves so that we can sleep better at night. But the truth is that being on TikTok has opened up our eyes (and wallets) to all the different discoveries on the platform. I’m not sure if TikTok’s feed algorithm is personally targeting me, but I’ve been seeing way too many Amazon gadgets that are too useful not to share.

Here are 5 Amazon gadgets that are inspired by TikTok to kickstart your Amazon online shopping journey.

1. Screen magnifier for smartphones

PHOTO: Amazon

Watching Netflix on our mobile phones is great, but what’s better is watching Netflix on a bigger screen – anywhere you go.

This Screen Magnifier is essentially a mini projector screen, but it doesn’t use batteries! Use it whenever you need your screen magnified – for gaming, emails, Netflix, or anything your heart desires. The solid wood aesthetic makes it a classy accessory to carry around too.

If you’re not 100 per cent convinced with your purchase, the brand will give you a full refund. This is how confident they are in ensuring customer satisfaction!

Price including shipping to Singapore : From US$31 (S$41.02)
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2. Rechargeable motion sensor night light

PHOTO: Amazon

If you’re comfortable being in the toilet without any light, kudos to you! But for those who are afraid of the dark, this rechargeable motion sensor night light is an absolute lifesaver.

This device is pretty awesome, and I’ll share two reasons why. Firstly, the device recognises any movement within 1.5 metres, so it’ll turn on automatically when you’re near. Secondly, it’ll only turn on if there is insufficient natural light. So it’s smart and energy-saving!

Additional product Information:

  • 16 LED colours that can be changing on rotation, or fixed on a single colour
  • 5 varying levels of brightness
  • Up to 2 months on a single charge
  • 100 per cent waterproof (IP67 Waterproof Protection)

Price including shipping to Singapore: From US$22 
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3. Boodlab 3D sleep headphones & eye mask

PHOTO: Amazon

If you’ve always experienced difficulty falling asleep, TikTok introduced just the solution! Boodlab launched a 3D eye mask that allows you to fall asleep while listening to music, without experiencing any in-ear pains of sleeping on your headphones or earplugs.

Built-in with a microphone, you can also take a call while resting your eyes – if you’d like.

Additional product information:

  • 3D eye mask wraps your eyes in darkness, while allow you to blink freeley
  • Each charge lasts more than 10 hours of playing time
  • Designed with a Velcro Strip to fit all head sizes

Price including shipping to Singapore: From US$31
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4. Tile Slim – slim & sleek bluetooth tracker

PHOTO: Amazon

Short-term memory loss is a very, very real occurrence. But gone are the days when you need to get a friend to call your mobile phone because you can’t seem to remember where you placed it a minute ago.

With Tile Slim, you can slot it in any of your possessions – wallet, notebook or even in your mobile phone case. If you’ve misplaced it within walking distance (200 ft), you can easily connect to the Tile app to ring for your Tile Slim.

Price including shipping to Singapore: From US$37 
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5. 10″ selfie ringlight with tripod stand & phone holder

PHOTO: Amazon

With most of us are interacting virtually more than in-person these days, it’s essential to still look our best on screen. Whether you’re an aspiring TikToker, or constantly on Zoom meetings, this 10″ ring light will be the perfect companion for all your virtual engagements.

What I love about this is that it also comes with an adjustable tripod stand, so that you have the flexibility to decide how the light should accentuate your best features!

It also comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote that allows you to snap those best angles from afar.

Price including shipping to Singapore: From US$38
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This article was first published in YouTrip.