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ActionCity is celebrating its 21st anniversary with premium gallery BLAXK

ActionCity is celebrating its 21st anniversary with premium gallery BLAXK
PHOTO: ActionCity

ActionCity has reached a new milestone, and it’s celebrating that by opening up a premium gallery called BLAXK by ActionCity.

It has been 21 years since the pop art collectible and toy retail brand came about in 2000, and BLAXK, which is located at a prime spot within the city’s heart in Funan, will display a mix of rare, unique and very exclusive pop culture items.

The new label promises art toy fans, enthusiasts, collectors and investors a unique experience from the moment they step into BLAXK. This gallery’s items pay homage to local and international pop artists and art toys. It’s meant to be a space for all things related to pop culture, design and art as the definitive pop art collectible gallery in Singapore and the region.

BLAXK aims to curate content and collections by collaborating with globally renowned artists such as Steven Harrington. ActionCity’s co-founder Tan Tong Hong said:

We have long been proud to serve the art toy community with our collections. I knew when we first kick-started ActionCity that this was the start of an exciting and enduring journey.

Over the years we have witnessed how pop art toys offer immense relief for adults seeking relief from everyday life. Our collections have enabled adults from all walks of lives to experience joy and re-inspire themselves while moving forward with life.

While the pandemic has unfortunately caused multiple retail businesses to shut down, ActionCity seems to think the art toys market is poised for rapid growth instead. While no one can truly predict BLAXK’s future, Action City’s co-founders Tong Hong and David are still pushing to grow the pop art collectible and toy retail brand in spite of these challenges.

If you’re a fan of pop art collectibles, you might want to check out BLAXK. We attended a preview launch earlier today and took some pictures ourselves, as seen below:

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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