Android 12 leaks showcase new privacy warning features, notifications UI, and more

PHOTO: XDA Developers

Wondering what Google might have in store for the next major Android operating system update? Thanks to XDA Developers, we have some clues on what Android 12 may contain.

According to XDA Developers, they've worked together with an anonymous tipster and forum member to get hold of a Google document meant for partners working on Android 12. The draft contains a summary of new features and changes, alongside screenshot mock-ups within the draft.

PHOTO: XDA Developers

XDA Developers listed plenty of new things and tweaks in Android 12, but the following changes stood out because of its relevance to users.

For example, the new Android OS offers icons in the status bar, indicating whether a camera or microphone is currently used. Additionally, tapping on those icons will net a pop-up that informs the user which app(s) are using the cam or mic.

PHOTO: XDA Developers

Pretty neat, if not similar to the iOS equivalent of red/green indicators in the top-right of Apple's iPhones.

Additionally, XDA Developers said there might be an option to altogether disable cameras, microphones, and even location data within the Settings app's Privacy sub-menu.

Previously, the ability to disable phone sensors are a developers-only setting, so this change makes additional privacy measures a little more user-friendly.

Other changes are more aesthetic than practical, such as a widget overhaul and choice of opaque or transparent notifications menu. For a lowdown on the leaks, don't forget to see it here .

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.