Are you sleep-incompatible with your partner? This smart bed resolves that issue

Are you sleep-incompatible with your partner? This smart bed resolves that issue

Forget lavender pillows and eye masks - the award-winning Climate360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number is bound to lull even the most wide-eyed of insomniacs to sleep.

It does so by adjusting the temperature on each side of the bed to the user's preferred warmth, and can maintain separate microclimates - which means that if you and your partner have different temperature preferences, you'll no longer have to fight over whether to keep the air-conditioning on.

It can even programme its nighttime routine to warm the bed for you before bedtime, and then cooling it after you fall asleep to keep you comfortable through the night.

Thanks to its SleepIQ technology, which monitors your breathing, heart rate, and sleep cycles, it can automatically fine-tune itself without any prompting.

The bed is also able to automatically adjust its firmness and support as you move throughout the night, so you won't have to wake up to an aching back from sleeping at an odd angle the night before.

And best of all? Its Partner Snore technology lets you gently elevate your partner's head to alleviate mild snoring.

It doesn't guarantee it can help if the noise your partner makes is more like a wild animal's roar, but we'll take it.

Although the bed debuted in the first week of January this year, it won't be available until 2021.

When it does, it'll be retailing for about US$8000 (S$10,700) - definitely on the higher side when it comes to beds. Then again, there's no price you can put on a good night's sleep.

Find out more about the Climate360 Smart Bed here.

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