Asian-inspired Marvel superheroes to debut on Marvel Future Fight

PHOTO: Screengrab from Youtube/Marvel Entertainment

At the recent Thailand Game Show, Netmarble, the Korean mobile game developer of Marvel: Future Fight announced the introduction of the superteam of four new exclusive Marvel heroes that will be coming to the mobile game.

This is not the first time that Marvel: Future Fight has introduced original heroes outside of Marvel's comics or movies.

However, what makes it noteworthy is that these new original heroes will be hailing from Asia.

Based on the four mythological beasts of Chinese mythology, the Asian inspired Superteam, Warriors of the Sky, will introduce the characters War Tiger, Blue Dragon, Sun Bird and Shadow Shell - who are from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan respectively.

Below is a brief description of each character from the Press Release:

  • War Tiger - Leaping from the West, the massive War Tiger slices through evil with the mystical Tiger's Fang. This ancient Thai general ensures the success of his fellow Warriors of the Sky with his immense power and hardened combat experience.
  • Blue Dragon - Defending the East, Blue Dragon possesses the ability to transform whatever she touches into a draconic weapon. With her heirloom spear, whip in hand, this child of Vietnamese noble family leads the Warriors of the Sky with her protective spirit and wise judgment through any challenge they may encounter.
  • Sun Bird - Soaring into battle as guardian of the South, the searing Sun Bird provides healing support for the Warriors of the Sky. With agile charm, this Malaysian pirate from the 1600s reborn by the power of his twin krises seeks to make the most of his new life by supporting the world however possible.
  • Shadow Shell - Strategizing in the North, Shadow Shell disables enemies from afar and defends her teammates with her highly advanced rifle and Ba Gua energy shield. When Shadow Shell's adopted family in Taiwan attempted to poison her, the extremely intelligent tactician gained her unseen powers of toxic immunity and now provides battle strategies¬†for the Warriors of the Sky.

Marvel: Future Fight is currently available for iOS and Android.

The article was first published in Hardware Zone.