Auntie raging at hairdresser for cutting her hair too short is a mood netizens can get behind

Auntie raging at hairdresser for cutting her hair too short is a mood netizens can get behind
PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Here’s a painful experience everyone surely had some trouble with before — getting a bad haircut right before a big event. 

Though the male population could simply laugh it off and just let our locks grow back, it’s the difference between night and day for the fairer sex, if we were to quote Fleabag. “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn't so we could think about something else occasionally, but it is,” according to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character. 

It’s something that caused a Singaporean auntie to go postal outside a hair salon apparently located in Braddell. In a clip shared by the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page earlier today, a woman can be seen tossing anything and everything she could get her hands on as passersby gawked and stared nearby. 

“I cut hair I come down here my hair so long five years and two years, she cut until so short for me,” the clearly upset lady can be heard yelling in the middle of her tantrum. Translation: she’s mad that she got a such a short hairdo after keeping her mane long for seven years. 


The exact location (we can only deduce that stretch of road to be Toa Payoh Lorong 1) and day of the incident is unverified, but the caption did note that she was particularly miffed because it was her haircut for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

The short, grainy footage doesn’t offer anything much, but it looked like the haircut wasn’t that bad. In fact, auntie looked pretty chic. 

But her experience is a relatable one. Netizens chimed in with their own stories of disappointing haircuts, though none of ‘em actually went to such extreme lengths to express their frustration.

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